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Device Quality and Compliance (DQC)

The Situation Today

Device quality and performance are crucial for attracting and retaining customers. But device makers are finding that delivering superior quality and performance in an environment of constantly shrinking product-release cycles is very challenging and costly.

How HCL Can Help

Through its DQC services, HCL has successfully tested more than 150 devices and products and has developed in-depth testing capabilities across various products and industries. Here are just a couple of examples of HCL’s IPs and frameworks:

  • Test automation frameworks: telecom and networking (NeTAF), consumer electronics (Android Linux test platform), hardware engineering (ready-to-use bus functional model (BFM) that simulates system bus transactions prior to models), and hardware tests.
  • Testing infrastructure: product certification labs for regulatory compliance, electromagnetic interference (EMI)/electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) environment test labs, mechanical testing labs

HCL has also invested in quality management systems (QMS) for the aerospace (ASPIRE for DO178), telecommunications (TL-9001 compliant), and automobile (ISO/TS 16949:2009) industries.

What You Can Expect

HCL’s DQC services help companies meet customers’ expectations for high-quality devices and ambitious product-launch schedules.

  • Electronic device automation testing (eDAT): provides automated device testing to customers across industries, reducing cost and effort by 30% and reducing time to market.
  • Established infrastructure: a network of labs across India that support virtually every type of device and product testing; includes the EMI/EMC lab, vibration lab, humidification & thermal chamber lab, handler lab, and RF antenna lab.
  • Testing center of excellence: a one-stop shop that provides efficient and effective device- and product-testing services and end-to-end quality assurance services, including test consulting, specialized testing, test infrastructure and environment management, knowledge management, test data management, and core testing services.

What We’ve Done For Others

  • For a Tier-1 automotive supplier, HCL implemented eDAT to test head-up display (HUD) units. This automated test program helped reduce costs by 30%.
  • For a leading consumer electronics company, through its DQC services, HCL instituted a test program with more than 200 device variants, investing $1.6 million in various labs. Using in-house automation frameworks, the company was able to reduce testing cost and time by 25%.
  • For a semiconductor equipment company, HCL established a dedicated test CoE focusing on product enhancements and new-product introductions. The CoE has built 15 frameworks in the past three years that optimize test time, performance, and system availability.

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.