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Device Development Next


Even as the market for embedded systems expands rapidly worldwide, organizations are struggling to develop new products/devices in such systems. 
Product development, is a protracted process involving design, development, and testing. 

The lack of sound technical knowledge, the inability to connect devices to the internet without impacting the bottom line, and consolidating devices in a connected eco-system poses additional impediments.However, in order to stay ahead of the curve, it’s imperative to launch products on time, with unwavering commitment to quality and service.

At HCLTech, we have a comprehensive plan in place, comprising reusable components, engineering accelerators (HW and SW), best practices, and relevant domain expertise.These elements drive substantial savings in engineering effort, reduce time-to-market, and minimize defect occurrences.We also action a robust security framework for embedded devices, video surveillance solutions, and HW platform accelerators.Our Device Development Next (DDx) is a bouquet of device-centric solutions enabling organizations to smoothen product development in embedded systems.

Our solution has impacted several organizations across industries:

  • An Indian control panel maker and system integrator witnessed 60% reduction in cost of development and 50% savings in time-to-market, for wireless device-to-IoT enablement.
  • A top medical device maker reduced development cost and efforts for rapid IoT implementation by 40%
  • A home automation company, previously grappling with a legacy solution, minimized implementation time by 50% 

Key Features


IoT Device Engineering and Acceleration (IDEA) platform

IDEA is a lightweight customizable reference platform (hardware and software) for transforming relatively unintelligent devices/ machines into IoT enabled smart devices by adding basic compute, storage, connectivity and security features to the target device

IOT Gateway Stack

Gateway enables the existing device to transform into a smart device with minimum impact on the existing architecture

Embedded Technology Selection Matrix

Ready knowledgebase will reduce time spent in selection and evaluation of technology components and help increase leverage of open source components for any embedded device development / enhancement program.

Device security guide

DDX Embedded Security Guide provides security guidelines for embedded devices and deals with various aspects to be considered while devising a security profile for the embedded device.

Device management stack

Device management stack provides the ease of firmware development with Device discovery and registration, Bootstrap, Device management, service enablement, Information reporting functionalities .