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Digital Platforms


To remain competitive in today’s ever-evolving market, Enterprises must build customer- and partner-facing technology platforms to enhance the way they engage with customers, partners, and other stakeholders in their ecosystem. Digital Platforms have helped organizations open doors to new revenue streams by monetizing existing assets and creating new ones. It has also transformed business models through innovative ‘as-a-service’ models as organizations focus on orchestrating better customer experiences and delivering Digital Aftermarket Services.

To enable this, Digital Platforms must support anytime, anywhere continuous engagement with millions of customers, interaction with a multitude of devices, and seamlessly integrate with a host of back-end systems, partner systems, and a range of inbound as well as outbound data streams.

Digital Platforms built with a modular architecture can handle extraordinary complexity extensibility and can be tuned and tested to maintain optimal performance levels under higher load situations. In addition, Digital Platforms need to be powered by data science and analytics, adhere to best in class security standards, leverage the cloud and lend themselves to be harnessed for accelerated time to market and future needs of the Organization – to enable the Enterprise to remain competitive in their business market.

With HCL‘s end-to-end Digital Platforms Services backed by our strategic partnerships with leading Hyperscalers like MS Azure, AWS, and GCP, you will have our full support across all stages of your transformation journey: from strategizing, building, migrating, and deploying to sustaining and supporting your operations. We help you achieve the best value from your engineering investments in building, running and maintaining high-performance, secure, and highly scalable platforms.



Data Classification Engine
These services help you derive the best value from your digital platforms. We help you determine the best approach toward digital transformation and work with you to establish the roadmap.
  • Platform/Technology Assessment & Selection
  • Market Research & Concept
  • Architecture Blueprinting & Prototyping
  • User experience consulting

Digital platform

These services help you modernize your digital platforms while migrating from legacy to a modern architecture, ensuring agility via automation.
  • Platform modernization/migration
  • New platform/product development
  • Experience engineering and modernization
  • DevSecOps automation
  • Legacy Modernization
  • Cloud Native Microservices based Architecture
  • Cloud Migration

Digital platform

Workload Characterization
With these services we help you sustain your digital platforms to meet your customers’ expectations – in terms of highly functional and new user experiences, and steady improvements in scalability, security, and reliability.
  • Platform/product sustenance


Interoperability Testing
With our Digital Operations services you will gain operational efficiencies while ensuring security and reliability. We help you continuously innovate and grow your customer base with our Digital Operations services.
  • Digital Hub/Ops Management
  • Observability Services
  • AIOps-based Proactive & Predictive Support
  • Security Operations and Support
  • Database Operations and Support
  • Customer Onboarding

Enabling services for
digital platforms

Platform Test Automation
To deliver a holistic solution to cater to your needs we leverage services from HCL’s Centers of Excellence (CoEs) which include:
  • DevSecOps
  • Verification and Validation
  • Device Cybersecurity
  • IoT
  • Data Engineering and Analytics
  • CoE/ Lab Setup
  • Performance Engineering
  • Accessibility Testing



PICASSO is a framework to build and implement Digital Service Platforms on top of a connected ecosystem of assets. It accelerates the GTM time by offering robust and industrialized pre-built functional and core modules that can be rapidly orchestrated, assembled and extended to create the platforms.

CARE (Connected Asset in Regulatory EnvironmentTM)

CARE is a powerful software framework that has the necessary building blocks for building next generation medical multitenant software/services faster. CARE brings together business application building frameworks, device connectivity, re-usable software components, and best practice templates to provide acceleration to the development of software/platforms. It can be used to build both edge/gateway applications as well as scalable cloud application.

Cloud Bridge Suite
Cloud Bridge Suite

The Cloud Bridge suite of solutions simplifies and accelerates the transition of monolith, on-premises platforms to Cloud-Ready & Cloud/Edge-Native platforms in an automated way.Read More


RAPID is HCL’s self-service SMART DevOps platform with DIY enablement for agile teams to adopt the industry’s best DevOps practices that are yielding, and easily done at low sustenance cost. RAPID is a holistic DevOps platform that can take application development and operations to the next-level of agility.

Platform X

A robust marcom publishing platform that enhances collaboration across brands, teams and agencies. It boosts consumer engagement by improving content management and distributing content & marketing messages consistently across all brand audiences through your owned and earned channels at scale.

Marvel 360

Framework for end-to-End Test Automation of Micro-Services Applications. It addresses Functional and Non- Functional Testing requirements to improve efficiency and accelerate the automation life cycle for Micro - Services, APIs and Web-Services.

Optimus SmarTest
Optimus SmarTest

An intelligent test automation platform enabling quicker test design and optimized test execution of applications and devices by co-existing with your current test ecosystem.


Reduces Mean Time To Repair/Average Handle Time by using AI/ML based analytical framework across all stages of product support thus reducing overall resolution time and effort while increasing customer satisfaction.Read More

Optimus Autobot
Optimus Autobot

An AI based auto response engine which enables remote identification of similar incidents and allows customers to access self-service through AI/ML based conversational interface thereby reducing volume of service requests to be handled by upto 25%