Digital Experience Design Studio | HCLTech

Experience Design and Engineering (Edge)


Differentiation today is a major challenge for businesses. One of the key ways that can differentiate is drawing on the power of the digital to engage with customers across channels.

This is the reason why organizations are increasingly focused on leveraging and transforming their digital applications across an array of platforms. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, we need to provide experiences that consolidate divergent creative and technological advancements.

We will help you in embedding experience design into solution by applying the design thinking techniques to create immersive, delightful, and extraordinary user experiences.


  • Evaluate: We evaluate the product to get complete understanding of the end users’ needs.
  • Insight: We help you to identify end users’ needs, and motivations that will drive your road map.
  • Strategy: We focus on creating successful strategies that help you to connect with your end-users’ real needs.
  • Design Enablement: We help your organization in creating and sustaining a culture of design and innovation.
  • Digital Channels: We design and implement customer experiences across all digital channels.
  • Mixed Reality: We help you extend the power of your real world through Augmented and Virtual reality
  • Business Insights: We help you take data-driven business decisions by bringing the data alive.
  • Conversational Experience: We create interfaces through non-screen based interaction channels – Voice and Text Conversations.
  • Front-end engineering: We use industry best practices to create the best front-end solutions for your end-users.
  • Responsive Web Engineering: We help you in developing responsive websites by using mobile first approach.
  • Front-end Modernization: We help in modernization of your legacy interfaces using technology modernization techniques.
  • Hybrid Application Engineering: We create progressive and hybrid mobile apps that would help you in expanding your customer base