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The data universe has grown exponentially over the last decade with the emergence of Machine Learning driven Artificial Intelligence, Analytics and Edge Computing. IDC estimates 175 Zettabytes of data to be stored by 2025 from ongoing digital transformation. As organizations tend to move towards consuming this data intelligently, Cloud and data center infrastructure will need to become fast, smart, efficient, and cost effective.

IT organizations are focused on building flexible, scalable, and cost-effective, frameworks that move IT to an as-a-service model. HCLTech understands these complexities and offers a holistic approach to address infrastructure requirements while considering existing product investments and architectural designs.

Themes that are transforming this space include software defined storage and networking, hyper-converged infrastructure, composable infrastructure, all flash, SSD, universal storage technologies, and data management. With its strong product engineering DNA and experience of working across the data center infrastructure, HCLTech is uniquely positioned to support its customers in their technology transformation journey.


Storage engineering

End-to-end product engineering on block storage, file storage, and object storage technologies including storage protocol development, validation, mirroring/ replication, snap copy, volumes, compression, deduplication, firmware development, hardware, and mechanical engineering.

Software-defined storage

Engineering and integration of hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) stack, hypervisor, software- defined storage platform, storage controller, data path service, third party platform integration and testing, security engineering, and cloud native solution development.

Server management/Compute engineering

End-to-end compute platform development including hardware, mechanical, ASIC, firmware-BIOS/HBA/BSP/ OpenGL/CL/ BMC, performance benchmarking of platform, operating system, middleware and applications, testing services including DVT, functional, stress, system, interoperability, and compliance testing and server management.

SSD/Flash engineering

Data Engineering services on All Flash Array, PCIe -SSD, SAS/SATA, ROM BIOS, UEFI/NVME/NVME-OF, PCIe, host controller, RAID controller, host based driver, firmware, and end-to-end validations – drivers, certifications, firmware, functional, system/compatibility and OEM qualifications

Data center interconnect

End-to-end product development and testing services on firmware development, QA, sustenance, escalation engineering, system testing, functional testing and automation across switches, interconnects, routers, UART and virtual appliances.

Data protection and data management

Extensive engineering capabilities on data management and data protection technologies including workflow management, VM/infra management, Kubernetes/ Docker, microservices/ container- based software engineering, application engineering- plugins, connectors and solutions, Rest API development, archival solutions, data classification, regulatory compliance, backup, and recovery solutions


Product engineering and professional services on AWS, AZURE, GCP, and IBM SoftLayer toward hybrid cloud management and orchestration, metering, backup, migration, and cloud native software engineering


Strong competence in data engineering across data mobility, data management, data security, data governance, data lifecycle management, data orchestration, and data energy


Data Classification Engine

Data Classification Engine
  • High performance and distributed data scanning utility aiding compliance with Data Protection Laws (GDPR, HIPAA)


  • A powerful software framework, that enables automatic images and documents extraction, classification, correction, and storage using re-usable modular components

Workload Characterization

Workload Characterization
  • A tool to characterize and test performance of Servers and Storage, matching the real-world workloads through IO profiler data visualization and Data Recreation

Platform Test Automation

Platform Test Automation
  • Automation of server/ storage platform testing, with interactive CLI interface, Automated - Flexible Test Scripts, ready to use Libraries for protocol compliance, OS and Hardware compatibility Check, BIOS/BMC, and NIC validations

Interoperability Testing

Interoperability Testing
  • Offering Hardware Compatibility management, Interoperability Certification and reference Architecture design and test services enabled by Lab in demand, ready to choose test configurations and AI/ ML based Test characterization, result analysis and Insights