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Infor ION


ERP integration is the greatest need across industries. Infor ION is the answer built on architecture of the internet & industry open standard. While it provides simple and scalable integration of enterprise systems, ION also allows for customization to support other ERPs.

HCL has developed a broad range of Infor ION services that are designed to help improve the use of the product, and to enable ERP integration to meet your goals and initiatives. With a special focus on Infor ION and a strong global partnership with Infor, HCL is best positioned to ensure your ERP Integrations with Infor ION.

HCL ION Service Offerings:

  • ION implementation / integration with ERPs
  • Upgrade services to latest version On-premise and Cloud
  • Implementation and integration with Infor OS and other products from the Infor portfolio
  • Custom integrations with other non-supported ERP Products

Key Features

Team of Experts
Team of Experts

50+ Experienced Consultants, 250+ Interface Integrations using ION

ION Upgrades

Accelerated Upgrades from ION 10.x or Older to ION 12 XI On-Premise or Cloud

Technology Readiness

Technology Edge on XML, XSLT, BODs and ION Mapper, JMS MO

Integration with Infor OS

Implementation and Integration with Infor OS, Ming.le, Mongoose, Birst, Coleman AI, Infor Data Lake