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Empowering Sustenance Engineering with Data-analytics


As the product management landscape gains complexities, enterprises must devote additional time and capital to sustenance engineering services. This exacerbates development and testing costs, as well as escalation management expenses. Further, the absence of a seamless bug detection process increases resolution times, support call frequency, and system shutdowns.

Companies must dispense with a siloed approach to product management and aspire for an integrated support system to address the above challenges. A cost-effective, efficient and responsive product sustenance engineering practice must leverage technologies such as product intelligence, Big Data, and analytics to reduce time to market. From independent software vendors and telecom leaders to aerospace and medical OEMs, optimized product sustenance engineering system finds strategic application across several industries.

We use cutting edge tools to streamline the ISE solution process. Empowered by proven analytics-driven algorithms, our approach couples data extraction/mining with software engineering best practices.

Harness complex machine-learning algorithms with our Intelligent Sustenance Engineering (ISE) solution to gain predictive insights for engineering activities. ISE is the software engineering domain’s first analytics-based offering. A leading telecom provider achieved 23% reduction in defect occurrence utilizing Intelligent Sustenance Engineering for code analysis, defect pattern identification, and discovery efficiency mapping.

Organizations can leverage our sustenance solutions and action the following benefits:

  • 8-10% increase in productivity
  • 50% reduction in bug resolution timelines
  • 10% less time for test planning
  • 15% decline in regression testing time
  • 50% decrease in time for transition

Key Features


Seamless Development

Identifying similar defects and enabling easier debugging to enhance developers' performance

Efficient Testing

Identifying critical test case executions and ensuring quality of test cases to enable faster time-to-market.

Robust Monitoring

Single dashboard window to monitor the performance of resources, identify hot spots and other critical areas of the project.

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