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Engineering and R&D Services (Medical Devices)
Engineering and R&D Services (Medical Devices)

HCL is a recognized leader in the medical device outsourcing space, providing fast and cost effective end-to-end solutions across a variety of Class I, II and III devices. HCL offers "Concept to Manufacture" R&D outsourcing services in concept design, prototype development & validation; pre-clinical and clinical development; manufacturing and plant automation; sales & marketing; enterprise IT functions and obsolescence management.



What keeps you up at night?

The medical landscape is under constant change and healthcare technology is evolving. Complexities are arising on the go which naturally throw up a number of business challenges to be addressed on the engineering front. We, at HCL, ensure that the endeavor to stay ahead of the game is always on by bringing in innovations and quality service delivery. With human lifespan increasing and the need for quality healthcare technology & medical device development to go it with a necessity, we understand the plight of customers today and touch everyday lives.

Why should you consider HCL?

  • Largest medical devices practice amongst Indian Outsourcing Providers with rich experience in healthcare.
  • 38 years of engineering heritage and several complex mission-critical electro-mechanical products developed from concept to launch.
  • 100+ devices with zero recall, partnering with 7 out of top 10 medical device companies with 13 years of domain experience.
  • Over 1500+ engineers with competencies in New Product Development, Product Sustenance, Verification & Validation and Regulatory Compliance Support.
  • Proven results with significant cost reductions, reductions in BOM and enhanced product performance for clients.

How can HCL help you?

  • MQMS - HCL Medical Quality Management System: Established framework to ensure all processes are streamlined during delivery combining the right deployment tools and deployment mechanism to bring out strictly compliant and quality engineering design and delivery.
  • Integrated Development for Medical Devices: Touching all aspects of engineering systematically to ensure the complete package while delivering quality service in medical device development.
  • Mechanical Engineering Capabilities: Taking engineering from concept to support through industrial design, concept generation and specification, product architecture to structural engineering, material qualification, functional testing, compliance certification to manufacturing support, active product support and even extending to end of life support.
  • Electrical Capabilities: Engineering build in processors and micro-controllers, analog design, digital design, PCB design, motion control and power electronics.
  • Embedded Software Engineering Expertise: Crisp testing through programming languages, specification led processors, communication protocols and drivers, compatible OS/RTOS, BSP Diagnostics and UI design services.
  • Application Software Engineering Capabilities: Concept to Sustenance service through requirement analysis, system integration, unit test execution, functional and performance testing, localization and data migration and scheduled maintenance releases.
  • Independent Verification and Validation: Streamlined and meticulous process of design verification, material characterization, reverse engineering & prototyping, technical documentation, system level verification, metrological inspection.
  • Sustaining Engineering: Readily available SLUs to help kick start sustaining efforts. Device classification and lifecycle management. 10+ years of after-market support, 6+ leading medical devices OEMs extensively supported for sustenance. 500+ people dedicated for medical device sustenance and demonstrable experience of working across product development, QRC and Operations teams.
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An Overview of REACH in Medical Devices
An Overview of REACH in Medical Devices


Engineering and R&D Services (Medical Devices)
Engineering and R&D Services (Medical Devices)
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.