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Next-Generation Technologies


In an age where most corporate investments have been commoditized, HCLTech’s next-generation technology is about leveraging product & service research and development in business to create customer-centric solutions through agile and efficient engineering. The winners in this new reality are a breed of companies that look at their businesses with a value chain approach – across user value chain, asset value chain and service value chain. These are next-generation enterprises - creating, adopting and leveraging the advent of technologies beyond the obvious!

The Engineering Services Outsourcing (ESO) industry is witnessing a shift from product R&D to services R&D.  Intelligent automation is being used across multiple industries to create new value for businesses and society alike. The technology ecosystem is changing to accommodate for autonomous and connected products. At HCLTech ERS (Engineering and R&D Services), we partner with our customers in building world class products & creating an associated solution delivery ecosystem.

Engineering Delivery Excellence

A key component of our success story has been our ability to exceed our customers’ expectations about how engineering services are delivered. With over three decades of core product engineering experience as an engineering outsourcing leader, today, we have the ability to execute engineering engagements of all scales and complexities with world class efficiencies. Right from quick knowledge transfer, infrastructure set-up, team ramp-up to meeting our customers’ stringent requirements for high quality delivery, on-time performance, user friendly experience and design, efficient operations and world-class innovation – this is industrialized delivery at its best.

Our Product Capabilities

  • Customer Centricity
  • Agility
  • Efficiency

Customer Centricity

  • Design
    Design as a Service

    STRIDE is a global network of multi-disciplinary design studios of HCLTech with design capabilities in industrial design, and communication design under one roof to offers holistic design solutions to global customers.

  • Accessibility
    Accessibility as a Service

    HCLTech AUX (Accessibility and Usability Expertise) capabilities are geared at (re)designing products for people with some form of disability ie. about 15% of the world’s population.

  • Innovation
    Innovation as a Service

    HCLTech helps its customers across industries to create value beyond the contract through product innovation, market innovation and productized services. Our domain experts have filed 1250+ patents on behalf of customers.



  • Platform
    E-Business Platforms

    10+ years of experience in building e-commerce platforms with global reach creating multi-billion dollar revenue streams.

  • DevOps
    DevOps Framework

    HCLTech DevOps Professional Services aim to improve our customers' competitiveness by making their product development lifecycle more efficient through proven frameworks.

  • Data driven
    Engineering Analytics

    HCLTech’s distributed analytics platform derives faster and accurate business insights by bringing in automation to achieve speed, scale, collaboration and enforcing best practices implementation across analytics lifecycle.


  • Test Automation
    Test Automation

    HCLTech’s Test Automation Framework (TAF) helps in achieving continuous testing by simplifying adoption of test automation by automating/eliminating tasks across testing life cycle.

  • Value Engineering
    Value Engineering

    HCLTech helps its customers lower total cost of the product without compromising functionality. Over 50 products & $500M potential savings delivered till date.

  • Sustenance Intelligence
    Sustenance Intelligence

    HCLTech’s Intelligence Sustenance Engineering (ISE) solution provides intelligent issue prioritization, quicker bug fix cycle and feature impact, efficient test planning, better product information.