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Industrial Analytics


Data is an organization’s most valuable asset. However, the ever-increasing amounts of data generated through widespread sensor and system deployment across the shop floor are challenging organizations as they attempt to harness the power of this data. Data monetization is the next frontier in digital transformation and is accelerating the race toward Industry 4.0. The ability to access, analyze, and manage vast data volumes is increasingly critical. Today, manufacturers are using data-led insights to create new revenue streams; this is a major disruption of the status quo. Data monetization is all about increasing revenue as well as return on investment (ROI) by decreasing operational costs. Data-driven manufacturing and operational improvements combined with customer experience are the keys to driving success.

HCL’s Industrial Analytics services driven by industrial Internet of things (IIoT) platforms and ecosystem expertise helps enterprises take the transformation journey to digitalization without having to rethink the existing environment. The end-to-end services ensure that the existing factory floor is brought online with minimal disruption. We offer transformation blueprinting along with platform customization, and integration with third-party devices and applications while ensuring that the security of data is not compromised.


Requirement Analysis and Blueprint
Requirement Analysis and Blueprinting

Identify client requirements and evaluate their business plan to create a high-level roadmap for deployment

System Integration
System Integration

Facilitate connectivity with industrial assets and plants at enterprise level to integrate IT and OT data servers, cloud, or edge devices

Platform Customization
Platform Customization

Define customization requirements to implement and configure the platform per customer needs

Third-Party Integration
Third-Party Integration

Supporting customer systems and equipment with hardware, software, and custom connectors

PLM Test Automation
Application Development

Defining, implementing, and validating customer-specific applications.



Real Time IoT Solutions
  • Improved supplier management through increased visibility into status of work orders and the ability to pre-empt delays in advance


Real Time IoT Solutions
  • Enhanced operational efficiency and effectiveness by understanding key performance parameters down to asset, plant, and service line level


Real Time IoT Solutions
  • Optimized fleet performance, safety, and productivity to maintain an always-ON and available fleet.