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Platform for Acceleration of NexGen Engineering Analytics (PANGEA)


Organizations of all sizes across industries have started recognizing the value of Big Data and are constructing business & technology selection strategies to stay future ready. The true value of Big data can be fully unlocked only by harnessing it for improved decision making that helps in achieving better operational efficiencies, improving services & infrastructure uptime, enhancing customer experience, and creating differentiated products and services.

Challenges in analyzing this explosive data though, are numerous: determining the ways to derive value from Big Data, a rising analytics skill gap, lack of collaboration among relevant stakeholders, the need to ensure data compliance & governance, and effort and time-intensive processes of moving from experimentation to production, in other words operationalizing Big Data analytics.

Pangea is a distributed analytics workbench, meant for an enterprise-wide use and deployment that provides an end-to-end platform for deriving faster and accurate business insights. This is unlike traditional analytics offerings which take longer implementation big data analytics lifecycle and are not scalable to today’s big data requirements.

It abstracts the complexities involved in data acquisition, modeling, deployment, and monitoring of models through a comprehensive zero-coding approach. Pangea enables all relevant enterprise users, viz. IT, data engineer, data scientist and the service operations manager, to collaborate on one customizable platform and carry-on the workflow of activities, otherwise done in silos, for extracting predictive and prescriptive insights from Big Data.

Pangea brings in automation to achieve speed, scale and collaboration and enforces best practices implementation across the analytics lifecycle to reduce the total cost of ownership.

Pangea’s benefits include the following:

  • Unlock the value of your Big Data by up to 50%
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership by up to 45% 
  • Empower users with limited statistical skills to mine the data and enable such users to bring out meaningful insights in record time.
  • Leverage your existing IT investments with Pangea that can integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure 
  • Ensure data governance & compliance 

Key Features

Zero Coding

A zero coding approach to quickly build complex machine learning models

Distributed Analytics

Pre-packaged algorithms & statistical operations that run in a distributed manner

Single click deployment

Single click deployment of models enabled through PMML

Post deployment model monitoring

Model monitoring to ensure the deployed models are accurate

Edge Deployment

Model deployment on servers or edge devices

Data Integration

Data configuration and integration from disparate sources through built-in connectors

Integration with BI tools

Build intuitive dashboards for better decision making with your choice of BI tools

Data and model governance

Data and model governance to ensure quality of data and accuracy of models

Collaboration framework

Distributed analytics workbench for multiple stakeholders to collaborate, build and operationalize analytics