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In a rapidly changing market environment, OEMS are creating and evolving their business partnerships with other manufacturers or creating joint ventures to gain access to local markets, technology, and resources, to increase their product range quickly. The number of such partnerships and joint ventures is growing rapidly. However, inherent differences in the product development methodologies and systems are hampering the timely realization of these partnerships due to increasing challenges in enabling data exchange between partners.

  • Usage of different data authoring and management systems
  • Business process differences
  • Increasing data validation requirements
  • Maintaining confidentiality and security

The ability to create such partnerships or ventures, and ramping the production quickly, are key factors for their success

Key Features

GeometricEDGE®– Enabling Data exchange for Global Engineering


GeometricEDGE is a collaboration platform that enables process based design and engineering data exchange securely between partners for global engineering. The solution is based on industry and de-facto standards like STEP AP242, ISO JT, BPEL, XML. It’s flexible process orchestration helps partners establish collaborative environments faster while limiting the risks associated with differences in processes, practices and tools. GeometricEDGE enables customers to persist and audit the data using an administrator user interface maintaining control over the data exchange process. Extensive data exchange analytics provides visibility into data sharing patterns and opportunities for further optimization. The solution can be configured for newer partnerships / joint ventures easily and can be deployed on on-premises or a private cloud for scalability.