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Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing


Today, the semiconductor industry is faced with a number of disruptive factors such as EUV, sub-10nm nodes, 3D NANDs, and FinFET, which are powering next generation devices. The imminent proliferation of IoT devices, a burgeoning demand for high performance chips and memories due to smart vehicles, Big Data, and Cloud technologies are further fuelling this change.

To stay ahead in the highly competitive, R&D intensive, and cyclical semiconductor equipment industry, it is essential to latch onto these trends, optimize R&D spend, understand your customer’s needs better than your competitors, and make necessary investments to create differentiated products “First-Time-Right”.

Our comprehensive engineering solutions are designed to meet our customer’s complex and ever-changing needs. We have partnered with semiconductor equipment manufacturers for 16+ years with 10,000+ person years of engineering experience, across all stages of the complex IC manufacturing process, including Lithography, Deposition, Implantation, Etch, Inspection and Metrology, and ATE.

To be at the leading edge of technology, we have made strategic technology-led investments in industry specific solutions and frameworks. Our factory automation solutions, simulator frameworks, and home grown solution accelerators for analytics, device testing, and more, address wide-ranging customer business objectives like faster time to market, cost optimization or geographic expansion. Moreover, our investments in semiconductor clean rooms and customer specific equipment labs make us a reliable extension of our customer’s own organization.

Our key differentiators:

  1. IP-driven engineering interventions to accelerate product development and release to markets
  2. Collocate with a customer and its end user teams and leverage size and scale of the global presence and skilled workforce
  3. Integrated engineering, cutting across all the disciplines such as HW, SW, ME, Embedded SW, and CAE
  4. Optimizing the R&D $ spend
  5. Strong presence in Asian countries such as China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia, where a bulk of semiconductor-related activities take place

We are the market leader among the Indian engineering service providers in the semiconductor equipment engineering services domain. We are also the premier engineering outsourcing partner to top semiconductor equipment manufacturers.

Value Propositions

Extensive experience

Driving rewarding partnerships with top semi-equipment OEMs, supporting both front end and back end tools

Engineering talent

Empowering employees to deliver superior value to our customers for decades

Strategic/Domain investment

Making strategic technology-led investments in industry specific solutions and frameworks

Customer oriented

Creating value for our customers and delivering results on-time and on-budget without fail

Collaborative business model

Creating customized business solutions that evolve with shifting business landscapes

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