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Service Portfolio

HCL Engineering and R&D Services include the following::
  • Hardware Product Engineering: HCL offers domain-specific hardware engineering and design services in VLSI ASIC, FPGA, and SoC engineering, board design, embedded software, mechanical engineering, and design, prototyping, and value-added engineering services such as compliance engineering, independent verification and validation and low volume manufacturing... Read More
  • Embedded Engineering: HCL is a leader in developing embedded software and systems for various industries and domains. We have expertise in safety-critical embedded systems with more than 2000 person years of cumulative experience in developing small footprint and safety-critical embedded systems for Medical Devices, Automotive Electronics and Aircraft Components... Read More
  • Mechanical Engineering: HCL offers advanced Mechanical Engineering services to customers that help them in developing complex mechanical designs and products, significantly reduce their time-to-market and help them penetrate early and deep into the existing and emerging markets... Read More
  • Software Product Engineering: HCL Software Engineering Practice taps into HCL's multi domain expertise, high impact services, investments in IPs and infrastructure and (r)evolutionary engagement model to help clients launch new products faster, manage unparalleled customer experience, enhance product lifecycles and exploit market adjacencies... Read More
  • Digital Engineering:HCL's Digital Engineering suite offer services in the areas of digital experience management, customer reach management, connected systems, and ecosystem monetization... Read More
  • User Experience Design: HCL is credited with creating simple, effective, and easy to use rich interfaces that are empowered by a user-centered design process which ranges across the manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, healthcare, media & entertainment, consumer electronics, and network & telecom industries... Read More
  • Systems Engineering HCL provides a complete spectrum of product solutions that can transform a raw idea into a potential market winner. HCL’s comprehensive engineering IT services and solutions can help build your products from the ground up... Read More
  • PLM : HCL’s PLM solutions focus on faster time-to-market, reduced cost of product development, and product innovation. HCL’s end-to-end Product Lifecycle management solutions encompasses engineering services like PLM consulting , implementation,customization,migration... Read More
  • Engineering Out of the Box: Product landscape is undergoing a major and fast paced transformation based on ever-changing customer needs. User experience and value-centricity are becoming the two key philosophies driving differentiation for product companies... Read More
  • Cognitive Product Support : HCL’s CPS engine adds a machine-learning based intelligence layer to the existing support systems. This can be implemented across domains for rendering support in B2C and B2B environments with much more precision, consistency and predictability thereby elevating the customer experience. Read more

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Engineering Services Outsourcing - Unraveling Myths
Engineering Services Outsourcing - Unraveling Myths


Business Impact through Product Engineering
Business Impact through Product Engineering
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.