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Smart Products and Services (SPS)

The Situation Today

The past couple of years have seen the proliferation of devices that use software, sensors, microchips, and other embedded electronics to operate without significant human intervention, often remotely, and to interact with other equipment.

These smart devices generate a tremendous amount of enterprise data about engineering, equipment control, production, purchasing, inventory management, and more, but they are often geographically dispersed, making it difficult to leverage the information for strategic advantage.

How HCL Can Help

HCL’s SPS offers a cost-efficient machine-to-machine (M2M)platform that makes it easier for businesses to use enterprise data from multiple devices in order to improve all facets of their operations and make more intelligent business assessments. HCL’s natural user interface (NUI) framework transforms the interaction between humans and machines, providing a solution that creates a collaborative environment and offers access to real-time, intuitive, and interactive content through integrated back-end systems.

By utilizing HCL’s SPS, companies can

  • manage an almost limitless range of wire line (Ethernet), wireless WAN/Cellular (GSM/GPRS/EDGE, CDMA, 3G/4G), wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11,WiMax), wireless PAN (Zigbee, Z-Wave etc.) devices for single or multiple locations, from anywhere in the world, through a single platform
  • empower service providers to offer dynamic value-added services such as home networking, security, and voice over IP — all centrally managed
  • benefit from proactive device diagnostics, which can minimize the cost of on-site support and lower the downtime of connected devices
  • remotely manage and control software updates to connected devices,  thus helping them function optimally and securely
  • enhance user experience through a combination of gesture recognition, speech recognition, and augmented reality; speech recognition can be used to perform data updates on the move
  • integrate completely with spare parts management, depot repair, enterprise systems through cloud-hosted interactive e-training modules for technicians, and basic do-it-yourself (DIY) methods of building, modifying, and repairing
  • (act as appliance repair software)

What You Can Expect

Here’s a snapshot of HCL’s key solutions for smart products and services.

  • Internet of things (IoT) enablement framework is HCL’s answer to M2M needs across industries. The framework facilitates a connected product and services portfolio, delivers rich user experience through business models beyond traditional product delivery, reduces the launch cycle of smart products by up to 70%, and provides secure communication between devices and services.
  • Product intelligence framework helps companies deliver competitive products and increase ROI through accelerated innovation. This framework, which can be applied to both software- and hardware-based products, automates data collection, converts data into intelligence, and delivers the analysis to product managers and engineering heads.
  • Interactive electronic technical manuals (IETMs) are a Web-based, dynamic product encyclopedia of maintenance and repair information, formatted for the display screens of smart devices that improve efficiency by allowing maintenance personnel to easily locate required information. 
  • Natural user interface (NUI) frameworkenable enterprise applications and embedded devices to adopt technologies such as speech recognition, gesture recognition, augmented reality, and more, with the objective of increasing reach, coverage, and usability.

What We’ve Done For Others

  • For one of the world’s most widely accepted pay station manufacturers, which delivers a complete portfolio of parking solutions, HCL provided capabilities for customer lifecycle management, usage metering, billing, payment and settlement. The result: a smart service ecosystem enabled through HCL’s IP, providing an overall 40% reduction in time to market of new solutions and a 30% increase in incremental revenue.
  • For a leading storage solutions vendor aiming to tap the exploding storage needs for Big Data, HCL provided predictive modeling of incoming traffic and storage performance for automatic, real-time scale-up and scale-down.  The result: a 10% increase in market share, a 40% reduction in customization costs, an overall increase in uptime, and a decrease in maintenance costs.
  • For a leader in satellite and radio communication systems, HCL’s IETMs provided an end-to-end solution for creating, managing, and publishing interactive content, and enabled the company to monetize content and launch services around the technical documentation.

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.