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Organizations across sectors are turning toward green technology and sustainability solutions. As green technologies are gaining popularity, eco-friendly solutions that result in economic and social sustainability are the need of the hour.

The increased focus on renewable energy sources, low-carbon products, and circular economy models warrants a clear shift from sustainable operation to sustainable value-chain. In addition to regulatory requirements, interest from investors and consumer affinity for smart and energy-efficient products drives the sustainability transition.

Making the green leap is easier said than done. Due to increased costs, high complexity, and the lack of tailored solutions, it is a challenge for most organizations to take the green leap without a strong ecosystem.

HCL’s Sustaineering portfolio offers end-to-end sustainability solutions and services underpinned by strategic partnerships. It allows HCL to provide services across the value chain right from the product ideation and design phase to end-of-life and sustenance. HCL offers complete customized services across all stages of the transformation journey - from strategizing, building, migrating, and deploying to sustain and support the business. 


Sustainable product design and engineering

Consulting Services
  • Sustainable product design to extend its life cycle and make it more reliable, reusable, and recyclable
  • Leveraging digital twin, extended reality (XR), and simulations to reduce material waste and carbon emission during the design phase

Sustainable manufacturing and operations

  • Productivity improvement and waste reduction through logistics and material flow optimization, plant layout design, and optimization
  • Predictive maintenance solutions to avoid potential equipment issues and costly downtime


Process Transformation
  • Sustainable packaging design to enable reusable and returnable packaging
  • Material engineering to use recyclable or biodegradable materials in packaging

Sustainable supply chains and ecosystem

  • Digital platform to enable circular economy
  • Environmentally responsible sourcing and supplier screening
  • Online marketplace to buy, sell, and offer new data-led services for waste, recycled, or remanufactured materials and products



DFX validates the design’s manufacturability and enables early detection of defects which reduces scrap and rework. DFX ensures reduction in cycle time, and high-quality products while optimizing material requirements in additive manufacturing.
DFX is integrated within CAD platforms such as Creo, Solidworks, and NX making it easier for users to check issues within their working platforms.


NestLib is a versatile library for automatic nesting that maximizes shop floor efficiencies and reduces raw material consumption. NestLib optimizes material usage in sheet metal parts and reduces material waste.


CAMworks is an adaptable automation tool to maximize Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining efficiency. It is a next-generation, best-in-class CNC programming solution that enables users to program smarter and machine faster. CAMworks can automatically update machining operations as per design changes. This eliminates the time required for programming by interpreting designs.


manageCarbon is a greenhouse gas emissions management framework complaint with GHGP protocol. It calculates the accurate emissions and various analytics using the emissions data and measures the effectiveness of the green initiatives taken by the enterprise.