HCL is the innovation partner to leading TSPs (telecom service providers) and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). Engineering and R&D Services being our forte, HCL helps TSPs in faster time-to-rollout and in reducing cost to maintain their network infrastructure. We work with telecom OEMs to reduce time to market and R&D investment.

With a diverse technology portfolio including Edge, RAN, transport, 4G/5G core, analytics, IoT, cloud, and security we serve the Top 10 telecom vendors and Top 7 telecom operators generating a total mutual value of more than $ 50 Billion. Our state-of-the-art 5G Lab offers a complete portfolio of 5G engineering services and solutions in collaboration with more than 15 partners. To accommodate to the recent changes in the industry landscape, we have built capability and reliable solutions to address the following problems:

  • P1: Network Overload Management
  • P2: Mission Critical Communication
  • P3: Engineering Workforce Elasticity
  • P4: Autonomous Drone Shipment
  • P5: Network Slice On Demand
  • P6: Edge Computing Analytics

Products and Services


Internet of things

Ready to deploy IoT experts and solution accelerators to define, build, and run IoT services.

Devices -- Handset & CPE

End-to-end product design, development, and systems integration and commercialization.

Network Testing & Automation

Inter-op testing experience with other OEMs and Telcos across 2G/3G/LTE network elements.

Digital transformation

Mobility services comprising user experience, application design, development, and testing, along with innovation platform enablement.


Simplifying and converging TDM to next generation IT networks.


TSP-focused performance benchmarking and certification, service orchestration platform customization, and OpenStack integration.

Network Maintenance

Multi-vendor maintenance services to reduce maintenance contract spends.


Intelligent Connected Experience (iCE.X) is a unified, cloud-ready, carrier grade platform to manage millions of connected devices; with ability to remotely configure, troubleshoot, monitor and repair IoT devices for smart homes, small cells & 5G and allied industries.

Multi-core processor design

Design handling competency for addressing constraint issues of power and performance.


BluGenie is a 5G network softwarization toolchain for digital services transformation

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