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With a strong legacy of more than 20 years in the VLSI Industry along with a rich experience of having worked with top chip manufacturers and design foundries across the Globe, we have the potential to develop high-end complex chip designs from concept to production-ready wafer/chip. 

We comprehend changing customer needs and accordingly develop and deliver innovative future-enabled solutions. Our engineers have varying levels of hands-on experience in domain knowledge, latest technologies, design methodologies, modeling languages and verification techniques used in the industry. 

Technology and Domain Expertise: Extensive SoC development experience of over 200 SoCs taped out, multi-domain experience in image & video processors, wireless systems and telecommunications, storage area networks, base station controllers, optical networks, HPC, SSD, automotive engine control, body electronics, strong IP and manufacturing ecosystem knowledge.

Design and System Engineering: Processor based Platform and sub-system design, experience in high-speed interface – DDR4, PCIe, USB, 10G Serial PHY, latest verification technology using OVM, VMM, System Verilog, and experience in post-silicon validation.

Silicon Engineering: Experience in advanced technology nodes across all major foundries – 65nm, 40nm, 28nm, 14 nm, proven design methodology – Concise-DM  methodology, High-performance ARM processor cores – ARM9, ARM11, Cortex - A5, A8, A9, A7, A53, A72, Integration of complex high-speed analog IPs

Experience with Automated Test Equipment: Silicon bring-up, Test program development & Optimization.

Standards and interfaces handled: H.264, JPEG, JPEG2000, HDMI, MIPI, CSI2, USB, PCIe, SPI, I2C, Ethernet, SDIO, SATA, DDR4 / DDR3, HMC, HBM, NAND.

Key Features

ASIC & FPGA design

Realizing IC designs involving architecture design, system modelling, RTL coding, developing full-functional FPGA prototypes, verification, synthesis, test vector generation & minimization, simulation and back-end support.

RTL Verification

Analog / digital / mixed signal verification, ASIC / FPGA / SoC verification, IP level verification, third party module verification across various design complexities / programming languages / methodologies and industrial verticals.

Emulation & FPGA prototyping

A comprehensive line of rapid FPGA based prototyping and emulating complex IC designs to develop first pass silicons. Extensive experience in Industry Standard Platforms such as Zebu, Palladium, HAPS, COTS FPGA and Custom FPGA prototyping platforms.

Physical Design

Execute ownership at block, cluster, section and SoC levels. Have implemented 600 Mn gate count designs, 20 multi clock domains, efficient clock tree synthesis, pre and post timing analysis, timing closure in 16 different corners, maximum core frequency of 2.4 G, IP hardening with 90% placement utilization, low power IP implementation with coverage of more than 96%.

Silicon Validation

Expertise across chip, interface and functional level validation to detect complex functional/manufacturing defects. Our test factory model approach for silicon validation enables customers to save 40 to 50% over 4 years.

Turnkey Solutions

Provide end-to-end solution to reduce cycle time at improved quality level with our in-depth knowledge and vast experience in handling complex ASIC / FPGA / SoC process that varies significantly according to the Analog, Digital or Mixed signal design types. Inhouse reusable tools: Verifast framework, Zebu accelerator platform

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