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EmpFinesse™ is a digital platform for the enterprise workforce that enables ecological transformation through smart delivery of experience and synergy by leveraging fundamental transformational services and microservices. It addresses customer pain-points arising out of the use of traditional productivity and collaboration tools that lack consumer-scale experience and insights. EmpFinesse delivers extraordinary experience to enterprise users through its core modules: Nudge (Work partnership and Digital avatars), Galatea (Wisdom and Learning) and Sympatico (Next-gen people-device-sensor networking). It is a platform which hosts all its components and can be leveraged by external apps conforming to its specifications.

EmpFinesse™ brings people and devices together through:

  • Enhanced digital workforce experiences by simplifying and automating ‘Business as Usual’ (BAU) tasks.
  • Driving synergy across people, content, data and devices by leveraging best practices and diverse experience in the workforce area.
  • Cultivation of enterprise knowledge and productivity rationalization through machine guidance and automation.
  • Robust governance to control digital dementia.

EmpFinesse™ is constructed as a multi-tier solution that resolves customer's enterprise challenges through the following components:

  • Nudge: Workforce-machine partnership to facilitate task automation and digital simulation of enterprise processes/ assets to enable planning, designing and troubleshooting of core business work streams.
  • Galatea: Services to enable smart and differentiated learning coupled with wisdom modernization to ensure skill development, technology adoption, innovation and information management & orchestration.
  • Sympatico: Multi-variant networking to improve productivity and proactive incident management with data-feed from sensors across enterprise devices. In addition, incorporation of machine intelligence in enterprise business systems and processes to improve precision and accuracy of all actions.
The product is constructed as a multi-tier solution that resolves customer's enterprise challenges through its components. EmpFinesse™ fundamentals and core components support, enable and synergize the above offerings towards delivery of solutions and services.


Work Partnership

Work Partnership optimizes employees’ workload by automating routine and non-routine tasks by leveraging Machine Learning. It provisions virtual assistants, advisors and actors to implement task automation.

Enterprise Avatar

Enterprise Avatar leverages digital replicas (twins) of all enterprise objects (people, processes and assets) to simulate a wide array problem resolution, digitally. Simulated resolutions offer significant economy with respect to cost and effort.

Wisdom Modernization

Wisdom Modernization offers guidance and governance strategies with respect to maintaining and managing tacit and explicit enterprise knowledge and encapsulates cutting-edge Wisdom Tools for bringing about a truly digital experience for employees.

Smart Learning

Smart Learning makes learning smarter, more productive and efficient across areas including cross-skilling, skill upgrade, knowledge transfer, self-learning etc. The offering is uniquely distinguished by Interactive media, gesture driven capabilities, immersive experience and a digital learning café.

Smart Information Systems

Smart Information Systems offers capabilities to manage and deliver media based information effectively. It focuses on any-time/anywhere information delivery (Collaboration on-the-go solution), effective audio-visual content management (Smart Media) and smart content lifecycle management (Content Disposition Framework).

Enterprise Networking

It offers multi-dimensional networking capabilities via tools like a native mobile app for people-people/people-artefacts networking, a single-window for enterprise collaboration tools access, a plug-n-play collaboration tool, a people influence measurement utility etc.

Intelligent Business Systems

The offering transforms enterprise ecosystems by making business systems smarter. It offers solutions that enable consensus driven decision making, purposeful gamification and smart back-end orchestration that increases work efficiency.

Enterprise Things

Enterprise Things addresses new-age security, data storage, and notification needs via IoT and leverage our interrelated capabilities of voice enablement, gesture control via embedded vision, and other enhanced human interface techniques to provide integrated Enterprise of Things (EoT) offerings.




Services leveraging EmpFinesse™ to enable transformation of legacy data and applications into modern platforms.



Cognitive capabilities transforming the workforce towards a digital enterprise by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning driven services of EmpFinesse™.



End-to-end wisdom and learning management (micro-interactive and immersive learning) solutions for an enterprise offered by EmpFinesse™.



A range of capabilities related to Collaboration, Engagement, Networking, IoT and Data Insights offered by EmpFinesse™.