Getting the right security solution in place is crucial for protecting your customers, partners and infrastructure. Advance your Symantec security product knowledge and get help from the experts at Enterprise Studio with training solutions designed to fit your organization.

Instructor-Led Training

Expand your Symantec product knowledge with expert live Instructor-Led training.

Public Training

Our ILT is available in both traditional public classrooms as well as our virtual academy. Both types include comprehensive learning design with expert instructors who have deep experience in the field. ILT allows you to gain critical concepts and skills to install, configure, manage and troubleshoot your Symantec solutions.

Both in person and virtual instructor-led classes provide interactive sessions with the ability to ask questions directly from the instructor and hands on labs to practice the skills learned.

Private Training

When you have a large number of students to train Enterprise Studio and Symantec Education Delivery Partner instructors can deliver private classes just for your team, at our site or yours.

Training Courses and Calendar

Learn more about your options for Instructor-Led training by visiting our information pages and calendar.

Digital Advisory and Consulting Services

eLearning Library

The Symantec eLibrary contains hundreds of web-based training courses covering the breadth and depth of the Symantec product portfolio, all free of charge. Modular topics cover installation, configuration, deployment, administration, maintenance, and troubleshooting of Symantec products in detail.

Members of the Symantec eLibrary receive free access to hundreds of regularly updated on-demand web-based training modules covering the breadth and depth of the Symantec product portfolio. Modular topics cover installation, configuration, deployment, administration, maintenance, and troubleshooting of Symantec products in detail. The eLibrary is ideal for supplementing classroom training, accessing as a just-in-time reference, and/or providing training to those who cannot travel or afford time away from the office.

Symantec Education Delivery Partners

Select a country to view our education delivery partner in your country.

Symantec Authorized Training Partners
North America Sales / Latin America Sales
Europe / Middle East / Africa Sales
Asia Pacific Japan Sales
Learn about Symantec Training Credits
Get more information on our training policies.
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