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Business Analytics Services

Business Challenges

The volume and availability of data is skyrocketing, and so are the expectations that it will yield analytical insights for improved business decision making. The challenge for businesses is how to capitalize on big data and shift innovation into high gear when budgets are tight and consumed by operational maintenance.

HCL Business Analytics Services (BAS) provide a comprehensive set of capabilities to meet this challenge by simultaneously reducing costs and driving innovation while distilling quick business value from big data.

Business Analytics Service

The HCL Business Analytics Services portfolio ranges from advisory services through to support, in five essential areas:

We combine our core expertise and capabilities in each of these areas with deep experience in industry verticals to provide powerful business solutions. These solutions are designed to meet three strategic objectives—transformation, innovation and shared services—that together deliver immediate and long-term value for HCL customers.

Business Solutions

Our Business Analytic Services are supported by the following solutions:


  • Reference architecture for end-to-end transformation of all finance capabilities including planning, spend management, risk analysis, capital allocation, consolidation and regulatory reporting.

Predictive Maintenance Analytics (PMA)

  • A solution that reduces asset downtime and improves service reliability by applying analytic models to high-volume sensor data and service management records, to predict outages.

Customer Analytics & Digital Experience

  • A real-time analytics monitoring system designed to provide insight into consumer behaviours and reactions to new product launches, including digital interaction patterns and social sentiment.

Customer 360

  • A big data-based customer master data repository with integration to social data and predictive analytics that are used to improve customer satisfaction, drive campaigns and cross-sell/up-sell.

Big Data Lake

  • A framework and operating model for big data (social, internet of things, machine-to-machine) that defines how to consolidate, liberate, co-innovate and monetize big data.

Data as a Service (DaaS)

  • An outsourcing solution for driving cost efficiencies and quality of service improvement by implementing a service request /publish model for the consolidation of all data extraction, transformation and movement.

Information Lifecycle Management

  • A solution used for driving cost efficiencies using archiving, tiered storage, data warehouse off-loading, data virtualization, and compliance policies.

BI Pathways

  • A reference architecture used for making key BI decisions about architecture, tools, organization structure, security and processes.

BAS Innovation Centers

HCL has five global labs and innovation centers dedicated to transforming ideas into real-world solutions. The BAS Innovation Centre brings together experts, technology and HCL partner resources to drive business analytics innovation and your business success. It gives your organization an opportunity to test your ideas and find out how your business analytics processes and capabilities can be streamlined and improved. The bottom line: you benefit from higher-value solutions and increased competitiveness in a changing business landscape.

The HCL Difference

Our Analytics team brings in-depth knowledge and expertise across a broad spectrum of industries. Our services portfolio, a lean industrialized delivery model, and a unique engagement philosophy of “Relationship beyond the Contract” help deliver value for our customers and sets HCL apart.

We help you transform your business through timely, actionable insights for optimizing your internal processes as well as your customer and supplier relationships. This includes putting in place a repeatable process and scalable platform for innovation that leverages your current assets and helps you identify new data relationships that can be used for competitive advantage. We also help your organization overcome budget constraints and free up additional resources by improving efficiency and cost-effectiveness through shared services.

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.