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HCL Technologies at Cisco Impact 2022


Meet HCL Technologies at Cisco Impact 2022

Cisco Impact is Cisco’s largest sales meet focused on communicating with, recognizing, and motivating the sales teams.

Meet us to know more about our digital foundation capabilities, Digital Foundation is the basic building block enterprises need to lay out, before implementing digital technologies and modernization. Hybrid -Multi cloud architectures form the basis of the Digital Foundation that enables customers to meet the agility and scalability required to adhere to ongoing business demands. Cisco and HCL Technologies have co-engineered a unique velocity-C Hybrid-Multi cloud blueprint powered by Cisco, 3rd party OEMs, and HCL Technologies’ DRYiCE AI OPS service framework.

HCL Technologies’ VelocITy-C is a multi-cloud offering based on certified reference architecture, co-developed with the Cisco engineering team using a validated and tested design that is backed by HCL Technologies’ DRYiCE framework. It is driven by intelligent automation and a powerful partner ecosystem to address specific business objectives, providing end-to-end delivery of hybrid/multi-cloud services, and allowing enterprises to automate their digital infrastructure components and accelerate their transformation journeys. Velocity - C stack is a combination of pre-integrated and validated components that provides flexibility to customers in designing their solutions and includes components like cisco Intersight, ACI, App Dynamics, Tetration, HCL Technologies’ DRYiCE tools stack integrations etc.

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Use cases

Prominent use cases:

  • IT infrastructure automation: this allows for a rapid delivery of the required infrastructure with automation of Day 0, Day 1 and Day 2 infrastructure tasks including device inventory and monitoring, and policy-based server configurations
  • Full Stack Observability: Provides full stack observability including network, infrastructure, and applications across multi cloud and is achieved by monitoring, correlating, and interpreting real-time performance data with RCA using synthetic probes.
  • Intelligent Workload Placement: Optimizes placement of existing workloads with recommendations for workload configurations, target locations, and move groups.
  • Infrastructure as a code: Automates the provisioning of infrastructure resources using code for deployment of application across hybrid/multi cloud.
  • Platform as a service: Rapid on demand database provisioning with lifecycle management through a single console along, together with deploying and managing the lifecycle of Kubernetes clusters through a single cloud portal.
  • Analytics and assurance: Implements an “application first” security approach with a one-click policy enforcement across multiple clouds to provide better visibility of the environment, identify potential vulnerabilities, and accelerate problem resolution.
  • Sovereign Cloud: Offers industry-leading security, comprehensive compliance and privacy capabilities to protect data and allows customers to meet demanding data locality and local compliance requirements to keep their data and applications safe.

Join us for a deep dive session on VelocITy-C Hybird - Multicloud coupled with powerful demonstrations that showcase the benefits and adoption of these use cases.


Listen to Kalyan Kumar B (KK), our CTO and Head of Ecosystems, and Nick Holden, Global Strategic Partner Organization, Cisco, talk about the HCL Technologies and Cisco relationship journey; a multifaceted 360 partnership of over two decades.