Powerful technologies are at play to re-shape the manufacturing industry and propel it to the next phase of technology powered evolution. Next-gen technologies like IoT are leading the Industry 4.0 transformation agenda and success will belong to those who have a clear vision and a solid execution plan.

In an ecosystem where mass customization, out of the box service offerings, vitality and collaboration are increasingly becoming the key differentiators enterprises are looking to attain, we are helping decode the digital disruption roadmap to help achieve the same.

HCL’s ExPAND 4.0 approach helps such enterprises initiate and embark on their NextGen transformational programs resulting in a demystified, customised and clear adoption roadmap. This clarity of vision helps them deliver ‘Digitally Driven, Outcome Oriented’ transformational programs which in turn ensures expansion of business value.

Experience ExPAND 4.0

SMART Workforce
SMART Products and Services Decoded
Enterprises are on a constant lookout to retain and grow their share of the customer foothold in the market by constantly innovating their business offerings, keeping a close eye on the customer pulse and reducing the go-to-market cycle for their business offerings. We are helping enterprises take a leap in their endeavor by helping decode and identify areas of design enhancements, product performance and early identification of quality issues.
Smart Manufacturing
SMART Manufacturing and Supply Chain Decoded
Improved output quality, on-timely delivery and reduced cost of production are the key drivers pushing enterprises to invest heavily in Improving Operating Effectiveness. We are helping decode the insider information you need to know from the 'shop floor to top floor' of your manufacturing facilities in real time.
Smart Product
SMART Workforce and Experience Decoded
With a skilled, enabled and equipped workforce at the pivot of transformation roadmaps decode how AR/VR and other NextGen are helping improve productivity, customer satisfaction, and aftermarket service

Leader Speak

Break-Out Session
Topic: Monetizing Digital Twin
Speaker: Hirren Turakhia, Global head of Industrial & Digital Manufacturing
Date: 11 June
Time: 10:30 a.m. – 11:15 a.m
Location: 210B

Synopsis: The digital age is firmly upon us and the traditional B2B enterprises are finding it difficult to remain market-relevant in this new end customer driven experience- economy. It has become crucial for enterprises to leverage product-level and process-level twins. Bringing digital twins to reality requires integration of multiple data sources, from connectivity enabled devices, to PLM, SLM & ALM systems and MOM. This unlocks opportunities of optimizing performance of assets and systems of assets. Combining the power of Digital twins with AI, ML and AR enables enterprises to move from a proactive to predictive format of maintenance. Leveraging these areas of service is paramount for today's businesses in order to achieve operational efficiency and create new revenue potential . The next logical level of maturity, and hence monetization, is achieved when different system twins are integrated, creating a Twin2Twin™ ecosystem. A Twin2Twin™ ecosystem unlocks newer monetization streams by commoditizing the twins. In the future we can see dynamic digital twins traversing the digital thread from the manufacturers to the end customer.

Ignite Session 1
Topic: Decoding Digital Transformation for Manufacturing
Speaker: Justin Beltramo, VP & Global Leader IoT WoRKSTM Manufacturing
Date: 11 June
Time: 2:00 p.m. – 2:15 p.m.
Location: Industrial Edge Stage

Synopsis: Manufacturing organizations have been trying to improve performance, improve quality, and reduce costs since the dawn of manufacturing. The digital transformation that has engulfed the world is focused on solving many of the original problems but in new ways that produce greater value. Advance analytics, Machine learning, cheaper processing power and storage have all lead to the ability to generate better insights in a near real-time fashion from data that has been integrated from a diverse array of manufacturing systems. This enables workers from the shop floor to the top floor to ingest these insights in a consistent actionable manner and instead of reacting to issues, gaining the ability to predict and proactively deal with problems. This will lead to greater productivity with less waste.

In addition to the age old problems of manufacturing, digital transformation is adding value to help mitigate the risks associated with workforce turn over and attrition. AR/VR is assisting companies to rapidly document work procedures for training and maintenance as well as enabling remote expert capabilities so a single employee could potentially deal with situations at multiple facilities in a single day.

What are some of the myths that are holding organizations back from starting their journey and where to start.

 Justtin Justtin
Ignite Session 2
Topic: Enabling Digital Thread in Design for Manufacturing
Speaker: Shekhar Burande, Global Director - PLM Solutions
Robert Obergfoll, Pre-Sales Analyst/Consultant
Date: 11 June
Time: 4:00 p.m. – 4:15 p.m.
Location: Future of Design stage

Synopsis: A successful digital thread realizes business benefits of New revenue streams, Business Models, Time to Market and overall improvement in topline, bottom line of an organization amongst others. Visibility and traceability across the traditional silos of Engineering, Mfg, Aftermarket and Product in use along with collaboration beyond organizational boundaries is key to enable the Digital Thread. The analysis of IT and OT data combined with application of SMEs help define standards and rules for closing the feedback loop.

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