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Just like the atmosphere protects, regulates and sustains life, as an organization, we are responsible in facilitating a balanced ‘atmosphere’ for all stakeholders by upholding trust and transparency in all our transactions, creating platforms and channels that shape our organizational culture. This in-turn balances the expectations of all those who are committed to our organization’s growth and sustenance. 

Sustainable Governance

In FY 2012, we reinforced our responsibility towards balanced governance with the dissemination of the Code of Business Ethics and Conduct (COBEC); Anti-bribery and Anti-corruption (ABAC) Policy; and Business Gifts and Entertainment Policy (BGEP). These policies are available here.
While the principles of the policies have been followed by the organization through its growth, they were strengthened taking into account the various corporate governance guidelines stipulated in the countries we operate from. We have institutionalized a central support system, for employees and stakeholders who wish to have a deeper understanding of our governance policies. The platform is used to share situations, seek responses and obtain clarifications in an appropriate manner.   
The CEO is the Chief Custodian of our Corporate Governance mandate and his perspectives on sustainable governance are available at
We ensure that our governance polices are in line with the ever changing global corporate governance scenario. We continue to conduct various training and awareness campaigns to ensure that the changes are imbibed in to the day-to--day activities of our employees.  The responsibility is extended to our vendor and suppliers through addendums in their contracts. Any person can report violations of ethics at
We were not subjected to any material legal actions for anti-competitive behavior, anti- trust, monopoly practices or non-compliance with laws and regulations in the FY 2012. The internal audit team  continues to provide risk insights for various departments who proactively implement actions to meet with local compliances and regulations. The team also audits our internal processes such as management of vendors and suppliers to provide insights on strengthening the same for sustenance. The audit reports also get shared with HCLT’s Management and Board of Directors. 
We are apolitical, advocate government policies on sustainability and did not contribute financially or in kind to political parties, politicians or related institutions during FY 2012.

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.