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Alternate Application Support and Maintenance


CIOs always demand more. Better ideas, a future-proof growth path, and a finger on the customer’s pulse. Imagine a world where application maintenance systems are intuitive and living – human involvement is near zero. HCL’s industry-leading Application Support and Maintenance (ASM) is powered by Run.Advisor, an automation and analytics platform customized for 360-degree application support and maintenance.

The platform powering the ALT ASMTM framework is a conjunction of algorithmic analytical tools for data analysis, captured across 35 years of rich experience in managing multiple tickets. Coupled with our application maintenance suite, the benefits of Run.Advisor are:

Exemplary value creation

  • Over 30% cost reduction via ALT ASM™
  • Differentiated service delivery
  • 3% to 10% reinvestment of total contract value

Effective velocity uptick

  • Enhanced platform stability
  • Increased efficiency, faster delivery, and reduced risk

End-to-end process monitoring

  • Engagement visibility via PRIZM™
  • Improved service quality and transparency with MyDashboard
  • Proactive business process evaluation

What makes ‘alive’ a mantra for excellence?

The ALT ASM™ framework uses Gen 1 tools, while robotics and cognitive solutions identify the scope for Gen 2 and Gen 3 automation. Orchestrated platforms and self-service solutions automate hitherto manual tasks and application maintenance services, and multiple in-house tools push productivity. Finally, via cognitive computing, the ALT ASM™ framework introduces self-sentient systems that employ data mining, pattern recognition, and natural language processing – to replicate almost human-like responses.

HCL's Alternative in Managing Applications

CIOs require incident-free, hyper-connected application environments. HCL's ALT ASM™ offers a fool-proof, SaaS-empowered platform, focused on enterprise centricity in a Run The Business (RTB) scenario. In other words, we give you an option that’s razor-sharp and cost-sensitive.


ALT ASM™ for Global Financial Services Firms

Breakthrough tech is changing the Fintech sector. At HCL, we accept the gradual redundancy of legacy ASM operations. Our ASM Centre of Excellence is a commitment to learning and expertise – new tools, best practices, and refreshed ideas.


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