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Risk Management Solutions

The banking industry has witnessed a tectonic shift, with local firms adopting global operating models. New entrants are rapidly making inroads in both developing and developed markets, threatening the dominance of older, traditional entities.

In the current 21 CE environment, stringent data monitoring and renewed compliance parameters compel financial institutions to improve functional efficiencies and ensure sustainable competitive advantage. The emergence of Basel II market regulations is another area that demands urgent attention.

Despite the robust safeguarding mechanisms as prescribed by these norms, their deployment poses a significant challenge. Basel II’s recommendations must be actioned within a stipulated timeline, putting considerable pressure on organizations to conform to the set standards. Firms must also build an efficient architectural framework for regulatory compliance and risk management.

HCLTech’s Market Risk Management solution has been designed specially to maintain and engineer applications from liquidity risk to credit scoring models. At HCLTech’s Center of Excellence (CoE), we develop market risk management solutions for various financial institutions across the globe.

By gathering data from a variety of sources and importing it into the solution outline, HCLTech’s interface and design development services ensure BASEL II conformity. HCLTech’s services help implement enterprise-wide risk and reporting tools and integrate these packages with existing systems.

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