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Capital Market Services


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HCL Capital Markets BPO Services

Download our Capital Markets Industry services brochure to understand how HCL Capital Market Solutions combines domain knowledge, process management and technology to deliver transformations that result in increased operational efficiency across the value chain.



Challenges you may be facing

The capital markets and asset management landscapes have been significantly transformed since the global financial meltdown. A slew of regulations governing Capital market activities have considerably raised compliance effort and risk. The cost-to-income ratio continues to be under pressure, instilling an organization-wide need for cost discipline. There has also been a paradigm shift in customer expectations as they demand a faster “time to relationship”. Thus, global investment managers and bankers are making their services ambidextrous in order to include up-stream and down-stream activities in the service value chain to deliver a “know me” customer experience.

What we can do for you

HCL can provide point solutions as well as end-to-end domain solutions leveraging a vast partnership eco system and proprietary solution accelerators in the key capital market functions of Asset Management, Wealth Management, Risk and Compliance, Investment Banking, Exchanges, Securities and Fund Services.

Business aligned IT approach

HCL’s IT solutions for capital markets are aligned to address business imperatives through a renewed focus on rationalizing and converging IT and Operations across regions and asset classes while maintaining regulatory compliance and reporting. It is a constant endeavor to industrialize service delivery, standardize and centralize to reduce cost and risk with the help of next generation capital market applications and IT services.

Improving performance by nurturing relationships

HCL’s long-standing transformational relationships with leading capital markets and asset management players across the world is a testimony of our commitment to deliver exceptional service quality and to take every customer relationship beyond the contract (RBtC) in its true spirit. HCL’s service delivery model has built-in tools to measure service quality in light of customer expectations and deliver continuous service improvements. All capital market engagements have multi-tiered governance, with domain solution principles on board, to safeguard the tactical, operational and strategic interests of customers.

Building scalability through investments and partnerships

HCL collaborates closely with best-of-breed partners - technology, product, and consulting firms, to deliver unique value to customers through our combined strengths. HCL invests in building rewarding partnerships with players in the capital markets landscape:

  • COTS partners – Avaloq, Misys SUMMIT, Misys Opics, Equipos
  • Technology partners – CSC (for cloud enablement and application architecture modernization), SAP, Oracle, Backbase, Pega, SAS
  • Consulting partners -  Deloitte, a consulting arm of HCL Applications and Infrastructure teams to uncover complex insights

In keeping with its pioneering spirit, HCL has created the following domain-specific IPs for accelerated service delivery:

  • TradeXek – provides a comprehensive environment for local custodial functions through the life cycle of custody services
  • InvesIT - An end-to-end, web based, automated research management solution designed for businesses engaged in equities, fixed income and derivatives related research
  • Finedge Wealth - Based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, this is the most comprehensive CRM for the wealth industry that ties sales, marketing, customer service and advisory functions together, to help firms deliver superior customer experience
  • Sales Force Wealth – Provides a 360 degree view of customers using a pre-configured solution
  • HCL PEAK – A Test Automation Framework/solution accelerator developed specifically for product testing with reusable test packs

Addressing future needs through Thought Leadership

  • HCL understands the fast changing dynamics of the capital markets sphere and is well poised to address all its business challenges with the help of new and innovative capital market applications.
  • Proactive workload reduction is very important to optimize system performance and maintain cost discipline. To this effect, HCL measures its application services through business KPIs developed through our cutting edge ALT ASM™ framework.
  • HCL has a full suite of services to provide the maximum synergies to customers through integrated IT service delivery, operations, and infrastructure.
  • Taking centralization and standardization to the next level, HCL can create ‘internal utilities’ with a potential for scalability and commercialization.
  • HCL can provide digital system integration, enabling better decisions, intuitive products and services, and better throughput across the value chain.

Delivering business value through people

HCL nurtures the “Ideapreneurship” culture where it believes that innovation is not an ivory-tower phenomenon but happens in real-time, in the “value zone,” driven by employees working directly with customers to create solutions to customer problems. Leading players in the capital markets space have leveraged and benefitted from this culture by finding simple solutions to complex IT problems.

HCL has the right mix of techno-functional teams for effective service delivery. We have a pool of domain specialists across products, functionalities, and geo-specific regulations, to provide the most cutting edge solutions to customers. HCL has a dedicated Practices for Asset Management, Wealth Management, Risk and Compliance, Investment Banking & Exchanges, Securities and Fund Services.

Why should you consider HCL?

HCL’s capital market services group is the largest micro vertical under the Financial Services ambit. With a deeply entrenched innovation and pioneering spirit, the practice has several ‘firsts’ to its credit:

  • First to handle the capital markets outsourcing operations for a leading investment bank
  • First to set up Issuance and Paying Agency functions for a world leading Trust
  • First to set up an offshore based delivery model to handle derivatives documentation and review
  • A leader in Global Markets front office sourcing
  • A pioneer in building and transitioning operations to an East European location for a global custodian

The Practice

  • Robust capital markets practice of over 6200 professionals
  • Over 1000 person-years of experience in Trading, Clearing and Settlement  functions across Front-, Middle- and Back-office for Exchanges
  • Over 1200 person-years of experience in Custody and Security services
  • The integrated service delivery provider for over 13 years for a global investment bank

What we’ve done for others

  • Cost savings of over $2 billion for a Fortune 100 global financial services company through continuous and proactive service improvement
  • $44 million in value creation over a 5-year period for a leading investment bank
  • Delivered productivity benefits of 49% over 5 years for an ANZ based wealth manager
  • Reduced TCO by over 40% for a leading global investment bank through innovative pricing constructs and application based pricing
  • Carved-out and consolidated the Finance Reporting function for a leading European financial services provider, enabling cost savings by 36%
  • Created a utility-based application support model for over 2000 applications, generating savings of over 49% for a leading investment bank
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.