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The financial services segment is battling a maelstrom of disruption. Competitive forces, evolving tech and fluctuating customer behavior are pushing the envelope like never before. 21 CE operating models are now outcome-driven ecosystems – empowered by experience and orchestration synergies.

At HCL, we realize the importance of riding the innovation crest. Vital for digital transformation, enlightened application development is the bedrock of three wider service requirements:

  • Process evolution demands cloud services
  • Product and service evolution require innovation at scale
  • Value or customer evolution center on virtualized digital services

Is change an instrument of greatness?

We believe in the impact of being future-forward. HCL’s cXstudio™ for banking, insurance, and capital markets blends IT and business resources for a whole new digital model. Imagine an ecosystem that enables continuous learning, understanding, and execution – consequently, better speeds and exceptional quality.

This digital channel change and optimization blueprint can unlock robust benefits:

  • Reduced operational costs via a shift from ‘business idea’ to ‘business value’
  • Improved customer experience KPIs through digital touch-points
  • Reimagined on-floor and workforce bandwidth – for tomorrow-focused enterprises
  • Strengthened go-to-market with straight-through business, marketing, and agile IT

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