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Financial Accounting and Software Applications

Financial Accounting & Software

Risk and compliance, complex processes, and difficult cost decisions are the norm. A smart and intuitive financial software solution is essential. The platform would assist buyers, sellers, banks, and other supply chain members with heightened visibility into the frenetic flow of data and goods.

HCLTech’s suite is multi-pronged – ranging across every touchpoint on the trade finance lifecycle. And there’s also effective horizontal business process reengineering support and consulting services in the retail banking and trade finance arena. End-to-end partnerships with leading independent financial software vendors are hardwired into our ‘solutioning’ approach. HCLTech offerings bouquet – spanning a diverse range of verticals, such as treasury banking services and banking accounting software – includes:

What makes excellence endure?

At HCLTech, we don’t stop pushing the boundaries. Consistent monitoring of all trade finance related applications, regular maintenance and a core SME support base make our solutions more dependable, and resilient. We offer technical support for the maintenance of all trade finance related applications, offering service innovation and market expertise. Over the years, we have:

  • Delivered over 200 projects, including five highly successful large-scale programs
  • Envisioned solutions for a leading bank ushering in new trends such as trade services utility from SWIFT
  • Partnered with Misys, a renowned product vendor in this space
  • Upgraded solutions for Misys's Trade Finance products – Misys Trade Innovation Plus and Misys Trade Portal
  • Furnished cash management solutions to top-tier banks
  • Hastened customer delivery for retail banking majors via frameworks and accelerators
  • Enabled robust digitalization via HCLTech’s flagship Digital System Integration solution
  • Acquired training and certifications in trade finance

Ecosystem of Partners

Our partnerships bring the relevant technology, industry and domain knowledge together, with tested products, to present a complete joint solution for our customers. By working together with partners, HCLTech augments and supports all solution and technology requirements and ensures that the best results are delivered.