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Finastra FusionBanking Essence

Outmoded banking software, processes out of sync, siloed infrastructure instead of an integrated banking system, and a maze of duplication plague financial institutions across the globe. It’s imperative for banks to rethink, rewire, and reprioritize.

In 2007, HCLTech and Finastra International Banking Systems forged a strategic alliance in the quest to combine strengths and capabilities. Leveraging the unique advantages of SOA, we created a systems solution stack that’s robust, flexible, and target-focused. Finastra FusionBanking Essence is part of our combined vision for the future of banking.

‘Finastra FusionBanking Essence’ transcends banking as we know it, exploding legacy barriers and transforming service capacity. Bringing together the best of service-oriented architecture (SOA) and a Java framework, we built a sustainable and streamlined business model for integrated banking system overhaul.

With Finastra FusionBanking Essence, our customers can now gain from these key advantages of SOA-led solutions:

  • Valued services (implementation support, upgrades, training, testing, and post go-live support)
  • Accelerated time-to-market
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction

What makes performance a habit?

Industry expertise and experience centricity is at the heart of all our solutions. HCLTech architected Europe’s largest core banking software system, now recognized as a global standard.

Five ideas informed our approach to core banking software transformation:

  • Design for availability and resilience
  • Design for modularity
  • Design for service and process excellence
  • Design for flexibility and agility
  • Design for security

HCLTech steadfastly supports Finastra suite of products for our global clients, encompassing Finastra FusionBanking Essence and more. Our capability benchmarks include: implementation, product development, installation and upgrade, Finastra FusionBanking Essence testing framework, and Go Live.

HCLTech supports clients for Finastra suite of products

HCLTech is distinctively placed to support its global clients for Finastra suite of products. The range of HCLTech capabilities to support FusionBanking Essence include, implementation support, product development, installation and upgrade, Essence testing framework, and Go Live support.


Finastra FusionBanking Essence