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Finastra FusionCapital Summit

As digitalization impacts every aspect of the trading pipeline, agility has now become a business imperative. Firms must evolve in tandem with changing expectations, regulations, and revenue opportunities. Thus, a technology suite is required, which is seamless and outcome-driven. Investment bank software are one such evolutions rife in the financial sector at this moment.

Finastra FusionCapital Summit transforms existing investment banking frameworks into a simple and all-encompassing platform. Global FS majors work with Summit to boost growth while reducing costs and timelines. The investment banking software comprises cross-asset, front-to-back solutions specializing in derivatives and structured products. Finastra Summit’s deep functional expertise also aids in pricing, booking, risk management, back-office processing, and compliance.

With years of experience in delivering IT products for capital markets, HCLTech’s dedicated FS team empowers organizations with smart Finastra Summit implementation. The solutions stack includes the following key enablers:

  • Infrastructure operation and support
  • Application maintenance operation and support (L1/L2)
  • New Summit implementation
  • Upgrade and consolidation
  • Summit testing automation framework tools
  • Functional/technical consulting
  • Consulting services upgrade
  • Consolidation study target operating model

HCLTech helps banks and financial institutions define new benchmarks of operational success across the globe through investment banking software applications, tailor-made for organizations. Customers across Germany, Nordics, Netherland, the UK, Ireland, and Malaysia have derived transformational value from our best-in-class investment software services.

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HCLTech partners with globally recognized industry majors, creating a synergy of tested products, relevant technology, and domain expertise. These alliances help bolster and support all solution and technology requirements, thus ensuring delivery excellence.