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Policy Administration


The Situation Today

The imperative to reduce costs without increasing premiums, to leverage new distribution channels in an agile market, and to find new ways to retain customers and brokers — these are just some of the challenges insurers are facing. There is also the necessity for customer-centric processes and regulatory compliance. Many carriers, however, are saddled with legacy IT systems, long product development cycles and high maintenance costs, all of which are making it harder for global insurers to manage costs, take advantage of new communication and distribution channels, and create/ disseminate new offerings. Due to this, insurers are facing the consequences in both their top and bottom lines. They need to transform their Policy Administration Systems (PAS) for faster time-to-market, efficient business processes, and for an augmented customer experience.

How HCL Can Help

From building a robust business case to chalking out a strategic implementation roadmap, HCL’s insurance policy administration system transformation mission involves the integration of best-of-breed products, proprietary insights, tools, methodologies, and service competencies that will deliver a distinctive, tailor-made solution translating into tangible business outcomes. HCL’s PAS transformation services take a holistic approach with a view of the client’s operational environment coupled with a clear vision for technology transformation and implementation.

The solution combines advisory and consulting services (PAS process capability assessment, PAS package selection), package implementation, custom application modernization, and managed services. It also leverages assets such as iPAS (a proprietary tool for process capability assessment), iPAC (a proprietary tool for package evaluation), a package implementation framework, ADE methodology, ASM methodology, a managed services framework, and — perhaps most important — HCL’s partnerships with some of the world leaders in PAS transformation. With our domain capabilities and technology expertise, we can help clients in building a robust and sustainable insurance policy administration system.

What You Can Expect

Through a flexible business model that allows carriers to adapt to their changing marketplace, HCL helps insurers reduce their expense ratios, underwriting expenses, IT intensity, and the cost of policy administration, management and retention; improve their quote-to-bind cycle time; and increase their customer acquisition capability. HCL’s PAS transformation delivers both quantified and qualified value:

Quantified value:

  • Reduced Expense Ratios
    • 2% to 3% reductions in underwriting expenses
    • 20% reductions in quote-to-bind cycle time
    • per-policy reductions in IT intensity
  • New Behavior
    • Increase in self-service options for customers and agents through the availability of multiple channels
    • Huge reductions in customer transaction costs through the use of interactive channels
    • 10% increase in acquisition rate
  • Reduced Cycle Time
    • Up to 20% reductions in turnaround time through the use of straight-through processing (STP)

Qualified value:

  • Improved underwriting effectiveness (more objectivity and informed decision making)
  • Improved efficiency in policy acquisition, management, and retention

What We’ve Done For Others

HCL has delivered significant value to customers in the financial services industry by helping them transform their business operations across enterprise IT initiatives. In particular, we have

  • Enabled better business governance, reduced per-policy costs, enabled faster go-to-market for new products, improved first call resolution time, and provided a better assessment of revenue leakage and fraud (all through an end-to-end services engagement) for one of the largest P&C insurers in the Asia Pacific region, with over 10 million customers, a network of over 1,000 offices, and over 16,000 employees
  • Enabled the availability of critical business systems by 99.9%, availability of key business systems by 99.5%, and first call resolution at the help desk by 85% for a leading P&C insurer in Southeast Asia
  • Facilitated faster go to market and improved retention (improved customer experience and optimized costs across the value chain through process efficiencies) for a leader in workers’ compensation
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Case Studies

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End-to-end Integration across value chain, improving underwriting efficiency for a global...
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

What Customers Say

“This is wonderful stuff, the type of activities that make a big difference to our customer. Truly great work, and please keep it up” – On Successful implementation of WRAP project.

–CIO Large Programs, Leading Bank in Australia and NZ 

The combined efforts of our Asset Finance and Commercial Lending IT Service Delivery team and HCL have resulted in an 80% reduction in P1 and P2 incidents over 2010. This is a great testimony to Applications and Operations’ dedication to embed strong service management disciplines, including incident, problem, change, capacity, availability and service continuity management.

- CIO Retail & Business Banking ES, A Large Australian Bank