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Retail Brokerage App Development & Testing

Retail Brokerage

Consumers are looking at multi-asset funds as an optimal strategy for portfolio diversification and, consequently, reduced exposure to market volatility. Asset classes with low correlations need a smart combination, hence forming an investment portfolio that ensures high returns at minimal risk. Innovative retail brokerage tools are pivotal to this process.

HCLTech’s proven expertise in applications management covers the complete trade lifecycle in multi-asset class scenarios. A scalable testing team helps customers develop, enhance, and maintain retail brokerage applications on SOA-based architecture.

Emerging customer segments are a key focus area, even as HCLTech helps global investment banks broaden their market footprint. A collaborative strategy is defined to introduce Brokerage & Advisory (B&A) applications to a new user-base, along with risk mitigation and application services. The retail brokerage suite includes:

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Ecosystem of Partners

HCLTech partners with globally recognized industry majors, creating a synergy of tested products, relevant technology, and domain expertise. These alliances help bolster and support all solution and technology requirements, thus ensuring delivery excellence.