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HCL FinanceSolution™

Today, the financial services industry is facing the most serious and prolonged crisis in decades. In the short term, lending and leasing organizations will need to rebuild customer, investor as well as regulatory confidence by demonstrating thorough understanding and control of their operational risks. Also, many of these businesses suffer from crippling issues like lack of automation leading to elongated and unpredictable speed of adjudication of loan applications, inability to seamlessly handle loan applications made through multiple channels like the web, call center, branch etc resulting in reduced customer satisfaction, inability to reduce costs by improving processing efficiencies through centralization of back office functions across multiple loan types etc.

And the answer to all these issues lies in the way these businesses are handling and managing “information” and the “information systems” that enable that act.

Many lending and leasing operations typically have to re-enter information into disparate stand-alone point solutions each supporting different businesses, functions, channels and products. Processing is slow and unpredictable, errors are frequent, operations are inefficient, information is inaccessible and hence, growth is limited. Moreover, without the data flowing seamlessly and untouched through the entire lending process, audit trails are difficult to maintain, reportable credit policies are difficult to drive, “Know your customer (KYC)” becomes an issue and all of these increases operational risk exponentially. Financial institutions have been unable to tie these systems and operations together into an integrated straight through process that reduces risk – until now.


HCL FinanceSolution is an integrated suite of software platforms, best practice methodologies, technology and business transformation services that drastically improves effectiveness of finance operations. It includes a suite of industry leading software applications specifically designed for lending and leasing including HCL’s award winning CapitalStream™ origination platform along with world class lending, leasing, syndication and portfolio management solutions. In addition, HCL FinanceSolution includes specialized configurations of enterprise solutions for CRM, content management, business intelligence and more. All of the software applications are integrated to enable complete Straight Through Processing and pre-configured to support industry best practices.

HCL Finance Solution for lending and leasing

Expertise to Make Technology Effective

It takes more than just software to make your operation effective. HCL is a leader in integrating and automating lending and leasing operations and one of the largest providers of professional services in the world. The HCL FinancePractice is a focused group of experts in CRM, sales, lending operations, credit, content management, business intelligence, outsourcing, systems integration, application support and much more. The HCL FinancePractice leverages extensive industry research conducted by HCL along with the direct experience working with leading financial institutions to guide our customers how best to leverage technology and implement industry best practices.

Significant Results, Significant Benefits

HCL FinanceSolution accelerates close rates, improves customer service, enables quicker and more informed decisions, reduces risk, improves operational effectiveness and streamlines business process management to achieve significant returns on your investment. HCL FinanceSolution improves efficiency and reduces costs by enabling lending and leasing operations to handle a significant increase in business volumes without increasing headcount. Improved access to accurate and comprehensive information as well as quick what-if analyses provides greater insight into customer relationships revealing creating cross-selling and up-selling opportunities as well as providing more comprehensive risk analysis.

The results speak for themselves:

  • A Top 20 North American Bank Increased Loan Processing Efficiency by 130%
  • A Top 20 Global Bank Reduced Cost Per Loan by 50%
  • A Top 30 North American Bank Eliminated Over 90% of Errors
  • A Top 40 North American Bank Processed 60% more Applications

Componentized to Integrate at Your Pace

Banks have a tremendous investment in their current systems and not all systems and processes can be changed at once.  HCL FinanceSolution is componentized and leverages SOA to enable integration so you can choose which components you want to change now, which to change later and which of your own platforms you want to keep.  Want to keep FileNet as your content management system and leverage Business Objects as your reporting and analytics platform?  HCL has configuration templates and integration adaptors for most major platforms or can adapt these standard offerings to your preferred systems.   HCL will map out a transformation plan that integrates to the platforms you have in place now and in the future.

HCL FinanceSuite™ – Integrated Applications to Run Your Business

The HCL FinanceSuite is an integrated suite of software solutions available through HCL to enable Straight Through Processing of lending and leasing.  HCL provides software licensing, hosting, implementation services and support for all HCL FinanceSuite™ solutions.

  • Sales Automation: CapitalStream SFA, or integrated implementations of™, Siebel™, SAP CRM™ or Microsoft CRM™.
  • Origination: CapitalStream, HCL’s award winning origination platform.
  • Loan Servicing: LoanIQ™
  • Lease Management: LeaseWave™
  • Syndication & Trading: Loan Coordinator™
  • Portfolio Management: iLumen™
  • Content and Document Management: Onbase™, or integrated implementations of FileNet™, Sharepoint™ or Documentum™
  • Business Intelligence: Tableau™, or integrated implementations of Business Objects™ or Cognos™

HCL FinancePractice™ – Consulting and Technology Services for Lending and Leasing

As one of the world's premier providers of business consulting and technology services, HCL has created a specialized set of practices focused on the lending and leasing industry and the software technology included in the HCL FinanceSuite. The HCL FinancePractice will help you leverage the enterprise products your corporate IT group has already procured but have effectively implemented in your operation. By leveraging the domain knowledge acquired from implementing solutions for this marketplace for more than a decade, HCL has created frameworks, adapters, toolkits and methodologies which incorporate best practices proven in the lending and leasing industry and can be implemented quickly, reliably and at a lower cost. The HCL FinancePractice focuses on providing implementation, testing, integration, training and support services for the following application areas:

  • Industry Specific Applications: CapitalStream, LoanIQ, LeaseWave, Loan Coordinator and ILumen
  • CRM:, Siebel, SAP CRM
  • Enterprise Content Management: Filenet, Onbase, SharePoint and Documentum
  • Business Intelligence: COGNOS, Business Objects, SAS™, Informatica™
  • Systems Integration – HCL can manage the overall project and seamlessly integrate your systems with components of the HCL FinanceSuite into a complete HCL FinanceSolution.

Together the technology available in the HCL FinanceSuite combined with the expertise available in the HCL FinancePractice provide the complete HCL FinanceSolution framework to reduce cost, risk and processing by integrating and automating your operation into a Straight Through Process.

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.