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Forrester Groundswell Award Entry - RBTC


Forrester Groundswell Awards 2015

Category: Business to Business | Social Reach


The FY ‘14 Unified Messaging Campaign

Positioning HCLTECH’s Brand Promise Through Integrated Marketing






HCL Technologies

Strategic Marketing


*Confidential: to be viewed only by judging committee*


Table of Contents


The document contains, at appropriate places, hyperlinked references to data in the appendix. To get back to the point on the main document where you left off, simply press the Alt + Left Arrow Key.


Appendix: Table of Contents


Data 1.1 RBTC Internal Process Alignment Survey – Heat Map

Data 1.2 Process Distribution across functions

Data 1.3 Digital Penetration across G2000 organizations

Data 1.4 Digital Plan – Impact and Measurement

Data 1.5 RBTC Showcase in Large Deals – Intervention Analysis

Data 1.6 RBTC Certification Program

Data 1.7 Insignificant presence in F500 accounts

Data 1.8 What helped us in the past will not in future


Exhibit 1.1 Integrated Digital Plan

Exhibit 1.2 The Spirit of RBTC Film

Exhibit 1.3 The Spirit of RBTC Film-Data Distribution

Exhibit 1.4 The Spirit of RBTC Film – French and German Language Films

Exhibit 1.5 RBTC Digital Campaign on

Exhibit 1.6 The RBTC Digital Campaign artifacts

Exhibit 1.7 RBTC Digital Campaign – Suggestive Snapshots

Exhibit 1.8 Linkedin HCLTECH RBTC Microsite

Exhibit 1.9 HCLTECH RBTC Facebook App

Exhibit 1.10 Global PR Leverage

Business Alignment Advisory

Exhibit 2.1 Media Publishing and Entertainment – Messaging Alignment

Exhibit 2.2 Energy and Utilities – Messaging Alignment

Exhibit 2.3 Financial Services – Messaging Alignment

Exhibit 2.4 LifeSciences and Healthcare – Messaging Alignment

Influencer Outreach

Exhibit 3.1 Linkedin Influencer Group – HCLTECH CEO Blog

Owned Media - HCLTECH Website

Exhibit 4.1 New HCLTECH Website – Demand Based and Mobile Enabled

Exhibit 4.2 Dedicated RBTC Page in HCLTECH Website

Corporate Collaterals

Exhibit 5.1 New Corporate Deck

Exhibit 5.2 New Corporate Brochure

Exhibit 5.3 New Corporate Deck - German and French Version..

Exhibit 5.4 RBTC Coffee Table Book

Exhibit 5.5 RBTC Campaign Artifacts Wikiportal Website

Offline - Events and Facilities Branding

Exhibit 6.1 Branding Support for Large Events and client visits

Exhibit 6.2 Facilities Branding via Posters and Standees – in Local Languages

Exhibit 6.3 RBTC in Trade Events

Employee Campaign and Executive Sponsorship

Exhibit 7.1 RBTC Employee Campaign

Exhibit 7.2 RBTC Employee Campaign

Exhibit 10.1 Setting the Context – Emails from the CEO and CHRO

Exhibit 10.2 Mr. Shiv Nadar on Relationships and HCL’s culture

Exhibit 10.3 RBTC Campaign Launch announcements from Business Heads

Exhibit 10.4 RBTC Sales Training Program – 2500+ Individuals trained

RBTC Campaign Feedback

Exhibit 11.1 RBTC Campaign Feedback – Internal

Exhibit 11.2 RBTC Campaign Feedback - External

Linkedin Brand Impact Study

Exhibit 12.1 Linkedin Brand Impact Study – Awareness Impact

Exhibit 12.2 Linkedin Brand Impact Study – Brand Promise Alignment

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.