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Initiative Summary

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Situation/Market Analysis

Through possibly the worst recession that this generation has witnessed, HCL Technologies delivered an extended period of tremendous growth, both by way of business indicators and customer satisfaction, thanks to aggressive sales and effective delivery capabilities. However, from a marketing perspective we faced three challenges:

  • Various lines of business within the company were marketing their services independently and with only a suggestive alignment with the core company messaging

  • The momentum that was built by HCLTECH’s Employee First, Customer Second (EFCS) management model was fast declining. Customers saw a very abstract alignment of EFCS with service offerings and wanted a more concrete reason to believe

  • Need for thought leadership. As HCL took on the role of a more seasoned participant in the IT services market, our customers and prospects wanted to know if we had a vision for IT Services that extended past the technology of the season.



In Oct 2013, HCL initiated a global unified messaging campaign called Relationship Beyond the ContractTM (RBtC) with three objectives:

  • Align all the lines of business under a unified messaging architecture

  • Ensure that this message directly resonated with HCL’s core beliefs and could easily lend itself to more tangible customer experience benefits that the sales teams could articulate with ease

  • Express how the relevance of our brand promise directly translated into the robustness of our business model as our vision for the future of IT Services



  • In one year, HCL moved from around 20 different campaigns in previous years to a unified campaign with a single design philosophy and message with customizations around each service offering. Today, all HCL business verticals are aligned to RBtC messaging.

  • The new positioning that was tangibly more aligned to HCL’s service offerings, not only engaged sales teams who leveraged the UMC in deals worth over USD 1.5 billion, but also customers and prospects who responded by giving us new business opportunities worth USD 500 million. Moreover our G2000 digital penetration metric shot up from 350 to 1200. For the first time HCL sales and delivery teams believe in the power of a brand campaign and have actively leveraged the campaign in numerous deal pursuits, including over 100 BoD/ CXO meetings. Today 100% of HCL’s customers facing employees are RBtC trained.

  • Apart from creating an identifiable theme across the company’s global marketing efforts, the campaign also focused on triggering internal change and alignment. The RBtC Internal Process Alignment Survey has successfully identified key customer facing processes, across 9 business functions, to be improved to in order to ensure that along with HCL’s message; the whole organization is evolving to keep its robust business model intact, while delivering on its brand promise.

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.