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The Thought Leaders that are driving

Innovation In Financial Services

Rahul Singh

President & Global Head, Financial Services, HCLTech

Srinivasan Seshadri

Chief Growth Officer and Global Head of Financial Services, HCLTech

Sudip Lahiri

Senior Vice President & Head of Financial Services, Europe, HCLTech

Pankaj Kulkarni

Senior Vice President, Business Unit Head of Insurance & FS Solutions, HCLTech

Anubhav Mehrotra

Senior Vice President and Head of Financial Services, UK & Ireland, HCLTech

Pragati Bhargava

Vice President & Head, Financial Services Strategy and Initiatives Office, HCLTech

Hannah Byrne

Vice President, Experience Design - North America, HCLTech

Adolfo Calviño

Vice President & Country Head – Spain & Portugal, HCLTech

About Now to Next

Since COVID-19 hit, most conversations in the Financial Services Industry have been hovering around what’s happening NOW (during the disruption caused by the pandemic), and what’s going to happen NEXT (once the world starts recovering from the brunt of the pandemic). Unmistakably, the pandemic has opened endless possibilities for Financial Services and created an urgent need for more resilient and stronger digital centric organizations. Where will these endless possibilities today take the industry tomorrow? That is the question that 'Now to Next' will answer. Through this platform, these 5 thought leaders that are driving innovation in financial services industry at HCLTech, will share their experience and expertise that spans well over a couple of decades, and will decode the Future of Financial Services as it unfolds.