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What makes HCL DIFFERENT? | HCL Technologies

Our 3 core values

At HCL, we place enormous significance on our core values and we are committed to practicing them in our day-to-day interactions with employees and clients. These values continue to play a pivotal role in setting our organizational direction, and in conjunction with our mission and vision, they have helped form our identity and culture. Our value centric ideals guide us in our decision making processes and separate us from our competition.

But while our core values are enduring, we do re-evaluate their relevance and impact in the wake of significant societal, economic, or industrial developments. Yet, regardless of the peripheral changes, our core values continue to reflect a commitment to doing business and achieving our success ethically, thereby maintaining both trust and transparency.

There are three core values which were crucial in getting us where we are today.


In an industry that has long lived by the mantra that focus on the customer is the only thing that brings results, we wish to differ. At HCL, we focus on employees first. We believe that employees bring strategic value to an organization and are critical to its success in the global marketplace. The future growth and competitiveness of any organization depends more than ever before on attracting best talent, engaging and empowering them to achieve their own, and the organization’s goals. Towards this, we practice Employees First – the first of it’s kind of articulation, which is at the core of our efforts to provide our employees a work environment and culture they can take pride in. And it is lived everydayevery day at HCL.

We further took Employees First to new heights through some new initiatives such as:

  • Smart Service Desk - where employees can raise SLA-bound tickets on any internal service provider, and only employees can close these tickets, if satisfied
  • CEO Connect through U&I - where our CEO is personally available online to every employee, tours every location and holds interactive discussions that are complemented by a fully functional President’s blog
  • Employees First Governing Council – where Function Heads hold Town Hall Meetings and collectively address all employee questions and issues
  • Open 360 Degree Feedback™ – where employees rate their managers, even the CEO, and the feedback / rating is made public across the organization
  • Talent Transformation - an initiative designed to build behavior-based competencies in individuals
  • Employees First Academy - comprising three levels - Employees First Lifestyle, Employees First Leadership, and Harvard Emerging Leader Program, to initiate and nurture effective leaders
  • Employee Passion Indicative Count™ - assists employees in introspecting to identify their unique passion drivers that determine their performance and behavior at work
  • Directions - an annual event where the CEO and senior management conduct a face-to-face meeting with all employees to discuss company strategy and direction

And while the world waited to analyze the outcome of these moves, our Employees First concept became a popular case study at Harvard. In the Hewitt Best Employers study 2009, only two IT companies made it to the list in these times of heavy employee retrenchment – HCL Technologies is at number 1. We have been ranked as the Best Employer in India across all industry segments. Workforce Management (the most influential HR publication in the US) adjudged HCL Technologies as the most innovative company in the world in workforce management. Business Week stated that our Employees First is a new and radical management philosophy which will catch on with the world sooner or later… and the recognitions continue.


In an industry dominated by Volume – we have consciously chosen a value-centric nonlinear business model, which is today being recognized by clients and analysts globally. Our transformation journey began when we decided to focus on Value – not Volume. We believe that every second of our engagements must be focused on value centric discoveries and realizations for our customers because true value is something that goes beyond the contractual agreements that we sign with them. At HCL, there are five ways we create value for our customers.

HCL Value Centricity


We believe we may be among the most transparent enterprises in the world today. To us, transparency is vision, confidence, collaboration, flexibility and trust. Our business model is transparent and HCL is equally transparent to all stakeholders. It is our continued focus to engage all our stakeholders in a truly transparent environment, towards which we have taken a few steps:

Confidence for Investors: HCL works with PWC as its statutory auditors and KPMG for due diligence. We also work with E&Y for taxation. This unique twin audit mechanism (the first of its kind in the Indian IT Industry) and track record of maximizing dividend payment, ensures clarity in our business performance and asset position, thus upholding both trust and transparency. [Transparency is the core reason why we have been recently voted as the best company for investor relations by Asiamoney].

Open Dialogue with Analysts: 30+ analysts come face to face with 500 global customers and over 300 employees at the HCL Global Meet, every year – all freely mingling and sharing information with one another other.

Creating Value for Customers: HCL has a unique Service Delivery Platform – the one-stop-shop for customers to know everything they need to know about their engagements, progress, people and HCL. Our CSAT surveys consistently demonstrate the highest ratings on transparency and flexibility, a reputation we have lived up to by always being ready to commit to customer outcomes.

Ensuring our Employees are indeed first: Innovations like open 360 degree feedback, U&I, Directions and SSD have truly made our management transparent and accountable to our employees.

Collaboration for best practices: We have a rich heritage of partnerships and joint ventures; our culture of trusted partnerships is reflected in the fact that we have over 150 years of partnerships with the Global 500. These include JVs with organizations like Hewlett-Packard (since 1991), Deutsche Bank (since 2001), British Telecom (since 2002), NEC (since 2005), Celestica (since 2006), and Nokia (since 1996) to name a few.

Living our values today and in time to come…

These value centric ideas have originated with HCL’s founders. They are modeled and reinforced to live through many subsequent generations of leaders. HCL is acutely aware of the importance of demonstrating its values in all its interactions and strives to become the model that others emulate. This is what we stand for and this is how we have been helping our forward looking customers in creating competitive advantage for them.

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.