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Grassroot Innovations

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Taking forward the tenets of EFCS, employees at HCL Technologies are empowered to be ideapreneurs™.

Scroll over the categories to know more about grass root innovations led by ideapreneurs™ to create a WOW experience for the customers.

Click on the ideas to watch films created around the problem, the solution and the benefit HCL Technologies offers.

Download the case study to know more details about the idea.

Eazy Event Dashboard

Expedite resolution time, improve response time alert, monitor spikes and forecast potential production outages. Know more about "Eazy Event Dashboard" to get a better grip over daily operations.
Learn more about Eazy Event Dashboard.

ITSM Gold Blue Print

A solution that implements best practices and process for IT Infrastructure and application management.
Learn more about ITSM Gold Blue Print.


Reduce time to calculate KPIs for micro verticals within manufacturing and know your direction for transformation faster. "Touchstone" measures and benchmarks such metrics.
Learn more about Touchstone.


"ServSmart" enables manufacturers to provide proactive service and support ensuring optimal uptime of its products at the lowest possible cost through the product life cycle.
Learn more about ServSmart.

Data Integration as a Service

"DIaaS" is a packaged solution that eases migration of clinical trial data and patient data including aggregation/transformation. A solution which has been identified as a part of the HCL experience in data migration.
Learn more about Data Integration as a Service

Partner Relationship Management

"PRM" enables customised solutions interoperable with most CRM solutions which are designed to be vertical specific, prebuilt, "on cloud", and social/mobile ready.
Learn more about Partner Relationship Management.

eXperience On Demand

"XoD" is a solution that help the digital marketer of today plan for and execute digital campaigns with ease.A cloud hosted solution that doubles up as a digital marketing advisory to help businesses.
Learn more about eXperience On Demand.

Cloud Interoperability and Certification

"CIC" is a web based solution for streamlining cloud interoperability and certification testing which supports multiple cloud products.
Learn more about Cloud Interoperability and Certification.

Speech Recognition and Interpretation Framework

"SRIF" combines existing speech applications and new mobile applications leveraging speech recognition engines which improves interaction with mobile computing devices.
Learn more about Speech Recognition and Interpretation Framework.

Online Business Model

"OBM" is an idea that works for stakeholders across the insurance value chain and enables channel, geo and product line expansion.
Learn more about Online Business Model

SAP Systems Availability Monitoring Tool

"SAP SAMT" is an affordable SAP landscape monitoring solution that helps enterprises monitor their mission critical applications and data centers effectively.
Learn more about SAP Systems Availability Monitoring Tool.

Peoplesoft Payroll Reconciliation Tool

"PRS" eases payroll reconciliation for PeopleSoft customers.
Learn more about Peoplesoft Payroll Reconciliation Tool.

Integrated Mail Management System

"iMMS" is a simple and easy to use model that can be integrated with your mailbox to facilitate automatic report generation, filter unauthorized data in mails, monitor SLA adherence among others.
Learn more about Integrated Mail Management System.

DB Know Your Customer Lean Initiation

"DB KYC" aims at assisting relationship managers increase the number of customer initiations from 15/day to 100/day.
Learn more about DB Know Your Customer Lean Initiation.

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.