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HCL is creating and applying tomorrow’s technology, today. In our leading-edge labs and delivery centers, together with our partners, we develop game-changing technology solutions to create a better world.

RX: Quantum Computing

Quantum computing holds tremendous potential for industries and society in areas ranging from finance to drug discovery. Working with our own ecosystem of QC pioneers, we are helping clients identify and implement ways quantum computing can help them with their most pressing challenges. For example, a nanotech-enabled syringe equipped with ‘smart dust’ — a sensor with an integrated processor connected to the cloud — will be able to track the time and frequency of use, thereby preventing theft and unlawful diversion of prescription medication.

No-contact Car Buying Experience

We developed an augmented reality application for a leading German automobile manufacturer to provide a virtual real-car experience to potential customers, allowing them to feel what the car is like in terms of controls, gadgets, and the latest technology. The mobile app has particular relevance in a time of social distancing but has broader potential, reducing a dealer’s costs and offering a conversion rate as high as 50%.

Immersive Banking

Banking is evolving and becoming ‘immersive’ – and soon will become ‘invisible’. Customers will access banking services wherever they are. Data will enable banks to provide recommendations and, with customers’ consent, take actions on their behalf, thereby enabling a ubiquitous banking experience that is hyper-personalized, hyper-connected, and hyper-scaled. We are fostering the immersive banking experience for global bank clients by deploying a concurrent, three-point spotlight on the existing core of a bank’s business, new growth areas, as well as the ecosystems of the future.

Decentralized Clinical Trials

Working with partners, we have developed an innovative solution that allows clients to conduct remote clinical trials with a core data platform and related services. This will enable customers to continue the clinical trial process in periods of social distancing or if they are unable to travel to a medical facility. The solution employs ‘direct to patient’ interaction technology, leveraging wearables, and home-based physiological devices.

Smart Sports

HCL’s involvement with cricket — we are the technology partner of Cricket Australia — led us through our start-up innovation system to a sensor-based solution that fits onto cricketing gear and records movement during play. SmartCricket feeds the data into a cloud-based analytics engine that identifies ways to improve the player’s technique and overall game. But what started as a cricket project has jumped boundaries. The solution is being explored by other sports, such as football, where a national professional football association is considering similar movement-based technology to improve players’ performance.