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Fueled by Our People

For 44 years, HCL’s incredible business momentum and impact in society have been fueled by our people-centric culture. One of the key ingredients of that culture is a value known as ideapreneurshipTM – where brilliant ideas and entrepreneurial spirit come together from all levels of the company, unleashing a special energy that runs through our 150,000+ HCLites.

This pervasive innovation culture is an honored license that allows us to reach new heights, discover new and better ways of doing things, and partner with people in a trusting way to break through challenges. Our commitment to the planet and the communities we live in is backed by the “Power of One” conviction that we can make a difference. Our commitment to our clients is embodied in deep relationships in which we go beyond our contractual obligations, our clients’ expectations, and even our own assumptions about what we are able to deliver.

“Nothing compares to my experience at HCL, where I have continuous opportunities for challenging projects, always with the necessary support system.”
Akiko Takei Senior Manager | Japan

Akiko is the voice of HCL Japan, responsible for all activities related to HCL brand and business marketing for the Japan market.

“If you enjoy THRILL, HCL is the place to be! 20 fun filled years for me of having the liberty to define my own path to success... more to come!”
Abhay Chaturvedi Senior Vice President | USA

Abhay manages the customer portfolio for the Retail and Consumer Goods business in the Americas. He has successfully created a customer community of leading brands where relationships trump contracts.

“HCL’s entrepreneurial culture is fueled by highly empowered employees. You are trusted and the company will support you.”
Carol Criner Vice President | USA

As a senior business development leader, Carol collaborates with both Net-New and Client Partner teams in pursuit of new growth and stronger client relationships.

“When I joined HCL, it felt like I was meeting my family for the very first time. My ideas are welcomed and I have felt valued from day one.”
Magolin Franklin Senior Program Manager | USA

Maggi is responsible for end-to-end service delivery and transforming the operations to our next generation service delivery model for a large S/4 support engagement in the manufacturing sector for MEGALT.

“As we work during these uncertain times of COVID-19, I take pride in the fact that I work for an organization that makes it clear that its priorities are its people, its clients, and being a good global citizen.”
Jeffrey Sherman Director | USA

Jeffrey led a rapid-response mission to provide expanded endpoint protection to an HCL client whose at-home workforce jumped from 10,000 to 55,000 overnight.

“HCL’s culture of providing opportunities and encouragement to employees at all levels is exceptional. My career journey with HCL is exciting and fulfilling.”
Nitika Agarwal Director | UK

Nitika employs her international industry expertise to lead finance for IoT WoRKSTM globally and alliances for the EMEA region.

“That HCL puts its employees first not only in words but also in action, something that has been evident throughout the COVID-19 situation, is truly special”
Odd Heimstad Vice President | Norway

After having made 1,600+ parachute jumps, including one from the Half Dome in the USA's Yosemite National Park, Odd takes no chance when preparing for and running a global management consulting team across 32 countries. Careful planning and execution are his keys to success.

“Evolution of knowledge and innovation helps in shaping better mankind. HCL ideapreneurshipTM is a wonderful culture which enables employees to create ideas, solutions, and value through disruptive innovation.”
Prasanna Venkatesh Group Technical Manager | India

Prasanna uplifted the spirit of ideapreneurshipTM and won the coveted title of Ultimate Ideapreneur Season 4, which is the culmination of ideation platforms at HCL. He filed for multiple patents with an IP value estimated at $130 Million.

“The trust, transparency, flexibility, and autonomy given to you at HCL is like no other. There is a connection, a glue, a common thread that is what it is to be part of the HCL family.”
Regina O Keeffe Associate General Manager | Ireland

Regina is a successful creative leader in marketing who has worked across multiple exciting technology areas as well as local and global programs such as HCL’s partnership with Manchester United, global partnership on International Women’s Day, and the CSR partnership with the Prince’s Trust in the UK.

“I am passionate about my work and always want to push beyond my boundaries to provide a wow factor for the client. Value creation is not just an initiative for HCL. It drives client success and provides personal recognition and motivation.”
Sana Husain Specialist | India

Sana took ideation to the next level when she proactively developed a solution to her client’s persistent backup failures, delivering an outcome that reduced corporate risk and brought an ongoing $202,000 cost savings solution to life for her client.

“I am constantly challenged to design and propose solutions which stand unique and differentiated among competitors. The trust and confidence extended by HCL leaders for investing in new proposals is a great motivation.”
Shivaramesh Krishna Principal Architect | India

Shivaramesh’s Automated Technology Modernization Accelerator (ATMA) for the transformation of legacy apps delivered more than $50 Million value to his clients and his idea received organization-wide recognition.