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Digital Engineering is Necessary for Exponential Digital Transformation

This POV defines digital engineering and expounds how enterprises are often not able to derive value from their digital transformation initiatives because they face the challenges of performance, scalability, lifecycle management, and dearth of multidisciplinary expertise. The lack of a strong digital engineering foundation becomes a bottleneck in overcoming these challenges. 

The paper also identifies the pillars of Digital Engineering and explores how it can help organizations to make an exponential jump in performance by leveraging Digital Engineering.

Enterprises should think and plan a digital engineering strategy to support their digital transformation initiatives. Specifically, enterprises should:

  • Make a strong foundation of digital engineering for exponential success in digital transformation.
  • Audit and identify areas where digital engineering can remove bottlenecks and add value.
  • Constantly iterate with new insights and technology changes
  • Work with engineering partners who have deep expertise, breadth of expertise, and expertise at scale.

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