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Wikiportal & Arkmedes: Knowledge creation and sharing across boundaries

Our employees’ passion for innovation doesn’t just create value for customers, but for our employees themselves. Taking into account challenges faced by project, sales and sales support teams in their search for the right knowledge, content, and people, internal knowledge management and collaboration portals have been designed by the employees for the employees. At HCL, With 85,505 employees spread across 31 countries, enabling knowledge sharing and collaboration seamlessly across teams and boundaries becomes highly critical. ‘Arkmedes’ and ‘Wikiportal’ are two such platforms (based on Microsoft Office Sharepoint 2010) that were created as a result of this need.


In September 2011, HCL emerged as one of the winners/top rankers of InformationWeek 500, an annual listing of America’s most innovative users of business technology. Our employee-driven sales and sales support platform – WikiPortal was responsible for this win. When sales teams are spending time searching for information, analysis, collaterals, and people, what they are not doing is selling and building relationships with customers. At HCL, our employees developed WikiPortal to improve sales productivity, by connecting the global sales team with the right information and people within minutes. How did they do this? Instead of purchasing an off the shelf product and customizing it, the team decided to collaborate with HCL’s internal business process re-engineering (BPR) team to develop this application on Microsoft Office Sharepoint (MOSS 2010). This platform allowed access to structured and non-structured data through the support of social and collaborative features such as tagging, wikis, blogs, discussion forums, expertise locations, social networks, and more. So what has been the result? Sales productivity has increased due to streamlining day-to-day business operations; over 80% of our sales force is able to respond to customer queries faster and there is a 35% reduction in cycle time through collaboration while responding to RFPs. Today the WikiPortal has approximately 5000 users across sales and sales support teams, 1.2 million hits in a quarter and 2000 (average) unique visitors in a day.


At HCL, unprecedented growth brought on the need for an organized knowledge management system. But traditional Knowledge Management systems were complex, needed content ownership, constant updates, maintenance and incurred considerable costs. Instead, our employees decided to create a platform that would bring together people with similar interests, passion and ideas. What did this do? It created a hot bed of collaboration and innovation within the organization. Not only that, these communities of passion had indirectly created a robust, self-sustaining knowledge management portal that was driven by the very people who contributed to it on a daily basis. Today arKMedes has 112 communities with over 24,000 daily visitors, and 3 million hits per year with search volumes of over 2 million.

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.