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HCL: ImprovisingThis year, we focused on setting up processes for capturing and managing data for parameters that had not been reported or partially reported in last year’s report. We continued to work on our environmental and health certifications for HCLT-owned facilities with 2000+ employees.  All recently acquired and new campuses outside India are ‘green compliant’ especially the Global Development Centers (GDC) in North America which are LEED certified buildings. Since 2009, our focused green efforts have helped us reduce the per capita carbon emission.  In FY 2012, our absolute emission reduction over the previous year was 20,566 tCO2 and we reduced the per capita emission by 17% for the same period. In our Green Data Centres, through various energy saving measures, we saved up to 20,292 KWh.

The following improvisations were done this year in line with our commitment to Renewing our Ecosystem:

  • Initiated ways to measure our water foot-print for India-based offices.
  • Assessed offices and buildings outside India for green operations, and obtained some best practices to report.
  • Monitored emissions of ozone-depleting substances and other significant air emissions.
  • Audited E-waste vendors for their practices and provided recommendations and opportunities for improvements.
  • Piloted integrated solid waste management methods in few of our India-based offices.
  • Increased internal advocacy through the Environmental  Week celebrations.
  • Trained the facilities personnel on sustainable operations.
  • Participated in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) India and received a rating of 66/100, which is above the industry- average this year.  Received high scores on our emissions reporting methodology and emissions management efforts and results.

Summary of the CDP Report:

Company Name Total Score
HCL Technologies 66
Category Name Score
Governance & Strategy 57
Supply Chain Governance & Strategy Average 74
Risks 56
Supply chain Risks Average 42
Opportunities 51
Supply Chain Opportunities Average 36
Emissions Reporting 87
Supply Chain Emissions Reporting Average 69
Emissions Management 91
Supply Chain Emissions Management Average 61
Stakeholder Engagement 40
  HCLT Scores   CDP Industry Average

Disclosure Score Table: Disclosure scores are an assessment of the quality and completeness of a Company’s response as per CDP. They are not a measure of a company’s performance in relation to climate change management. The CDP 2011 Disclosure Score comprises the categories above. Each category has a possible score of 100, but is not equally weighted. Outcomes from the assessment helped us reinforce our commitment to key prioritizations on materiality issues.

Targets for FY 2013

Objective Units Reduction over Previous
Reduction in Electricity KWh / FTE / month 2%
Consumption Reduction in Water Consumption Liters / FTE / day 2%
Reduction in Paper Consumption Reams / 1000 Employees 5%
Reduction in Carbon Footprint t-CO2 / FTE 2%
Increase in Biogas generation capacity from waste Kg Biogas 2%
Increase in Waste Conversion to Manure Kg Manure 5%
Reduction in Waste Generation Kg / FTE / day 5%
Increase in Solar Water Heater Capacity Liters Hot Water 10%
Increase in Renewable Energy use Kwh 1%
Increase in Rainwater Harvesting Capacity Kilo Liters 5%
Reuse of Treated Sewage Kilo Liters 10%
Environment-friendly disposal of E-waste Numbers or Kg 100%
Environment-friendly disposal of Printer Cartridges Numbers 100%
Biodiversity Programs - Plantation of native trees Numbers 7000

Scope: HCLT, India Operations (Company-owned facilities)


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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.