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HCL Technologies

Powering Revenue Growth

HCL with its longstanding relationship with the top ISVs has a clear understanding of the ISV focus areas and the challenges they face while growing their revenues year-on-year. To partner ISVs in a growth-oriented mode, HCL has aligned several offerings towards this.

Empowering New Delivery Channels in Existing Market Places

SaaS has revolutionized the way ISVs deliver, manage and support software. Most of the ISVs are moving towards the more viable licensing models that SaaS offers. HCL is the only offshore services vendor to provide “SaaSification” solutions for Deployment, Hosting, Billing and Managing. To enable ISVs Saasify their products, HCL has created a Multi-tenant, SOA enabled SaaS enablement platform AGORA.

HCL SaaS enablement platform AGORA

AGORA can help ISVs drive the following benefits:

  • Launch SaaS delivery in as short as 6 weeks
  • Automated customer acquisition
  • Simplified and low-cost customer support
  • OEM and Partner Management

Accessing Untapped Market Segments through Web2.0 Enablement

Since the beginning of search and social networking, HCL has successfully engineered web products and services across domains which fully harness the power of Web2.0 Some examples from our diverse engagement include a Real estate search website, Travel portal, Leading content portal, Geo-spatial search and mash-ups among others.

To enable ISVs launch Web2.0 based services, HCL has created FIRST2.0, a seamless integrated offering for Product Engineering and Infrastructure Services.

HCL Web 2.0 enablement through FIRST 2.0

Reaching Every Customer through Mobile Enablement

HCL’s matured Mobile practice has worked with the Top ISVs in the world to mobile enable their existing products and applications to reach out to a larger audience. HCL’s mobile practice works together with ISVs in the following areas:

  • Application porting and optimization for new mobile platforms
  • Application enhancements and Maintenance
  • Product development /Localization
  • Mobile 2.0 applications
  • Product testing for different networks for performance and functional issues 

Product Globalization to enable Accelerated Geo Penetration

HCL has proven capabilities across the entire Product Internationalization lifecycle – Localization, Porting, Quality Assurance, Automation and Maintenance & Production Support. HCL enables accelerated product globalization through:

  • I18N and L10N – Proven processes and methodologies for product internationalization and localization
  • Language Experts – Large team of language experts with expertise in languages and cultural sensitivities
  • Experience – 200+ person years of experience in Globalization Services

Product Globalization to enable Accelerated Geo Penetration

Key Business Benefits provided are:

  • Faster Rollout for target locations – Enhanced business spread
  • Reduced costs due HCL’s frameworks and experience
  • One stop shop – Technology, Translation and Transition

Optimizing Business Critical Applications to Increase Customer Centricity

HCL has a well-defined framework for identifying Business Critical Applications (BCAs) based on Revenue Impact and Business Differentiation.

HCL leverages its two key frameworks to enable alignment of IT to business and introducing an engineering rigor into IT applications maintenance

  • EiAM (Engineering in Application Management) – HCL’ s framework for identifying BCAs and introducing engineering services processes and methodologies for supporting BCAs
  • BAIT (Business Aligned IT)HCL’s renowned framework for aligning IT strategy and implementation with business strategy and processes

Key Business Benefits provided are:

  • BCA architecture, scalability, design, retooling, testing, release, build and sustenance managed in the same way as the product that’s built for external end customers
  • Key BCAs aligned to sales/marketing objectives and priorities – not just CIO’s ownership and his priorities
  • Deliver Business Differentiating solutions through convergence of Business and IT teams

Business Analytics to Discover New Revenue Streams

Business Intelligence Service lines - HCL Tech

HCL covers a triad of services in the Business Intelligence arena

  • Base BI services – Running and maintenance of Analytical Models and Report Generation
  • Advanced BI services – Predictive and Inductive Analytics, Analytics Modeling
  • Consulting – SCM and CRM Analytics

This triad of BI services is empowered through:

  • A Matured Practice - CoE driven delivery model with Industry specific frameworks and solution accelerators, Experience in over 300+ projects across various domains
  • Seamless Advice to Execution Services - Service spectrum covers entire BI lifecycle including creation, consolidation and managed services

Benefits provided are:

  • Risk free data driven business modeling
  • Zero dollars spent on data quality
  • Global Reporting and Analytics Factory (GRAF) to create the perfect assembly-line reporting factory for your business
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.