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Transforming Business Operations

It is critical for an ISV to ensure that the efficiency of its Business Operations is better than its competitors, each penny invested has an assured and time-bound ROI, operations are process-oriented and expends optimal budget. To ensure that all these objectives are met, HCL has designed several tools and service offerings.

Monitoring Spend Management

  • ETL tool enabling extraction of all spend data from internal and external business cube
  • Automated item level cleansing, classification and de-duplication through web enabled spend analysis tool
  • Querying and Report generation at the End User level
  • Reports on spend by Vendor, Commodity, Geography, Preferred supplier, and Spend range

Business Benefits

  • View accurate spend information at the aggregate and line item level
  • Rapidly identify time-sensitive savings opportunities
  • Enhanced financial and business reporting & analysis
  • Eliminate duplicate suppliers
  • Cut excess stocks, lower inventory costs and reduce expediting cost

Business Benefits Realization Approach for SAP-enabled Enterprise Applications

Business Benefits

  • Have a clear indication of where and how to release cash in the business
  • Have the financial rationale to support any investment required to release this cash
  • Ensuring planned improvements in business performance are reflected in management reports and benefits attainment are tracked

Consolidating IT Operations

HCL has a unique Integrated Operations Management Center (IOMC) model which facilitates:

  • Setting up a common helpdesk for Applications and Infrastructure by cross-skilling people and using common processes and methodologies
  • Consolidating command centers and operating platforms/tools
  • Optimizing FTE coverage to achieve 24x7
  • Rationalizing third-party tools contracts for IT management 

HCL Integrated Operations Management Center (IOMC) model

Business Benefits

  • Savings of up to 40% in tools and process costs
  • Lessen operations downtime – increase speed of operations
  • Reduce risk – increase real time monitoring capability
  • Savings of up to 20-25% redundant staff costs

Deploying Managed Application Services

  • Fixed Price for Application Support with capacity-based model for maintenance
  • Comprehensive tooling framework for Managed Services lifecycle
  • Committed productivity improvements
  • KPIs for Value Adds and Transformational Ideas
  • Web-based portal for comprehensive engagement visibility
  • Resource and Demand Management tools
  • Global Delivery Model with offshore leverage

Rationalizing the Application Portfolio

HCL has a unique Application Portfolio Optimization (APO) offering which analyzes the IT landscape of the ISV in phases using proprietary tools and suggests corrective or preventive measures to optimize the Application portfolio of the client. The approach takes into consideration various scenarios, ROI and business benefits before selecting the final best-case portfolio.

HCL Application Portfolio Optimization (APO)

Business Benefits

  • Implementation of HCL patented Prizm™ Application for real-time IT health assessment
  • Reduction in number of applications by retiring redundant candidates
  • Optimization of the mix of organic and inorganic additions to the portfolio
  • Creation of a lean list of IT initiatives
  • Outsourcing, Consolidation, Migration and Modernization recommendations
  • Reduction in number of licenses and migration to lower cost platform
  • Increase in user satisfaction by improving business critical applications

Innovative Pricing Models

In addition to a GRRP pricing model for R&D, HCL also facilitates engagement through various other innovative models. This models ensure that HCL supported business operations are accountable, the overall TCO of IT operations is minimized and costs are amortized over a longer period. This allows the Independent Software Vendors (ISV) to use the HCL balance-sheet to make sustained investments into their IT operations.

HCL Innovative Pricing Models

Some of the models immediately relevant to ISVs are:
  • Transaction based pricing – Charge the client on the basis of per-unit output of services
  • Gain share pricing - Sustained investments from HCL to reduce TCO of client. Share resulting savings.
  • User based pricing - A licensed based model where the costs are calculated and amortized across a subscription period
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.