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Service 360™


As manufacturers strive to increase productivity and remain competitive, the need for service-based revenue growth has become a strategic imperative. Customer service and aftermarket departments not only ensure enhanced long term customer experience and loyalty but are increasingly being leveraged as platforms for further cross sell and upsell. Consequently, manufacturers are rethinking their strategies and adopting manufacturing industry solutions in order to provide differentiated services to customers, not only at the point of sales but throughout the asset lifecycle.

Service 360TM approach is a distinctive offering enabling equipment manufacturers and their partners to provide insight-based proactive services. This ensures optimal uptime of the assets and increase in the lifecycle at the lowest possible cost, ensuring comprehensive service parts management. Implementation of Service 360TM helps provide a holistic view of all asset-related information and ensures seamless operations. Service 360TM is envisioned to help service leaders drive more revenue and profitability through enhanced customer experience and loyalty.

The installed-base management processes are integrated with service operations to enable decentralized teams across locations to get better visibility and have easy access to data about the asset throughout their lifecycle. Our Service 360TM approach has been engineered to improve operational efficiency and manage the asset value chain. This ensures optimal running uptime of devices at minimized costs throughout the product lifecycle. It addresses aftermarket challenges and opportunities, facilitating end-to-end visibility and asset control and management throughout its lifecycle.

Business Benefits:

  • Unified service management
  • Proactive customer engagement across channels and communities with based on insight
  • Improvement in product lifecycle experience with service innovation at the core
  • Building new business models with a focus on ‘As-a-Service’
  • Added throughput-based value via a network of partners
  • Building operational efficiency in the value chain


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