HCL’s Optimus SmarTest is an intelligent test automation platform that simplifies functional test automation across channels. SmarTest also accelerates decision-making through AI/ML-based test and defect insights.

With Optimus SmarTest, you can:
  • Automate complex test scenarios on your web, mobile, desktop, and embedded applications from one place
  • Shift-left functional testing of electronic devices with your choice of test engine
  • Optimize regression tests with intelligent test recommendations
  • Accelerate defect resolution through intelligent classification and orphan defect isolation

Business Benefits

Accelerate test script creation by 40%

  • Shift-left testing leveraging automated test script generation using test stories written in English
  • Script generation support for web, mobile, desktop, embedded and RestAPI testing
  • Support for Java, Python, JS, Powershell

Optimize test cycle times by 20%

  • Advanced test execution on multiple channels
  • Image, audio, and video content verification
  • Parallel execution support
  • ML-driven regression optimization

Shorten defect analysis times by 60%

  • Intelligent defect classification from test logs
  • Quick search to identify similar defects
  • NLP-based defect clustering
  • Visualizations and dashboards

Key Features

AI-driven test insights

AI-driven analysis of test results and defects to accelerate decision making.

Multi-channel test execution

Advanced test execution capabilities to automate complex test scenarios involving a combination of web, mobile, desktop, and embedded applications.

Automate electronic device testing

Customizable framework for automated testing of embedded software and electronic devices focused toward industrial, aero, automotive, and life sciences customers.

Story-driven test scripting

Framework to generate test scripts from English stories leveraging 100+ out-of-the-box keywords for a range of open-source test engines.

Connect with your test ecosystem

Out-of-the-box connectors to major test and defect management tools to fit and complement current product testing ecosystem.

Distributed test execution and advanced reporting

Parallel testing and remote testing capabilities enabling shorter test cycle times. Customizable reporting with evidences along with interactive dashboards.


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