The telecom operators are going through a transformation as they leverage the cloud in building a scalable network infrastructure that costs significantly less than traditional architectures. The convergence of cloud, hyperscale data centers, edge computing, and mobile network technologies is driving a revolution in the way services are delivered.

  • The service providers are adopting a cloud-native architecture and transitioning their network infrastructure with NFV and containers, lowering costs, and increasing performance to deliver better services faster and cost-effectively.
  • 5G promises to transform how networks are built and consumed, and is driving a host of new use cases in video, fixed wireless access, and IoT operators are investing in next-generation technology to deliver new and innovative services to enterprises and mobile subscribers.
Telecom & 5G - Next-Gen Network

Next-generation Products for Next-generation Networks

Next-Gen Products

HCL’s Industry Software Division delivers leading edge products to help customers maximize the benefits of a fully virtualized high-performing, low latency, network automation architecture that provides agility, flexibility, and cost-efficiency:

  • The telecom portfolio offers a range of products for a telecom service provider: AI-based self-care, analytics and insights, device management (both CPE as well as IoT), NFV acceleration on Intel SmartNIC cards, custom IP and silicon for X-Haul applications as well as HCL ANA platform for automating and optimizing your multi-vendor multi-technology (MVMT) network. We are constantly adding to the portfolio via partnerships, acquisitions, as well as organic product development.
  • AI/ML is infused into the portfolio to deliver self-optimization and self-healing features across customer care, device management, and service orchestration products.
  • Automation solution and containerization are the cornerstone of our product architecture enabling cloud-native applications that can be deployed either in public and private clouds or on premise


NFV Acceleration

NFV (Network Function Virtualization) acceleration products from HCL and Intel help the telecom service providers overcome network bottlenecks and achieve 2X to 10X savings in processor cores by offloading low-level networking functions onto a SmartNIC

  • Reduce servers in your data center | 35% savings in Capex + Opex
  • Achieve higher throughput with lower latency
  • Increased server utilization: Resources can be freed up for other business applications
  • Programmable acceleration: FPGA can be reprogrammed as business needs evolve

Intelligent Device Management Platform

Cloud-ready, carrier-grade, intelligent remote device management platform for tens of millions of devices. Leverage various protocols, connectivity, self-care, and analytics module

  • Modular platform with powerful solution components applicable to multiple market verticals and use cases
  • Support multi-domain and multi-standards-based connectivity protocols
  • Real-time insights to enhance operations and accelerate issue resolution


HCL Augmented Network Automation (ANA) Platform takes SON to the next generation with a closed loop automation environment, which supports multi-vendor, multi-technology RAN deployments in a network

  • Simplify your 4G/ 5G deployment
  • Powerful machine learning engine to improve network performance and quality of experience
  • Enables Operators to create customized applications in their agile development cycle


Wireless X-Haul modem IPs for millimeter wave and microwave radios, allowing the telecom OEMs to deliver high-capacity low-latency products for 5G fronthaul and backhaul

  • Dual Carrier E-Band modem with up to 50Gbps bandwidth and < 100μs latency
  • Dual band hybrid (E-band & MW) modem for high reliability and high throughput
  • MW modem with highest spectral efficiency