How Vodafone leverages HCL multi-domain automation platform

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Automate and optimize your 4G/5G network with HCL ANA platform

Deliver the best user experience for your subscribers with HCL ANA products

Multi-vendor, multi technology, and multi-domain orchestration platform


HCL ANA takes Self organizing Networks (SON) to the next-gen suite of solutions to automate and optimize your multi-vendor multi-technology (MVMT) network. HCL ANA uses a set of proved algorithms and machine learning capabilities to get the optimum results.

  • Delivers the ability to reduce the cost (CapEx and OpEx) while improving user experience
  • Extends beyond the RAN to optimize the user experience from the end device to the core
  • HCL takes automation to the next level and develops a solution to allow the MNO to manage subscriber SLA by utilizing O-RAN, real-time open APIs capabilities. This enables optimization and orchestration at the edge.
HCL ANA - Network Automation

Business Benefits

RAN automation

  • Reduces operations complexity with multi-vendor and multi-technology closed loop network automation solutions.

A single multi-vendor, multi-technology, and multi-domain platform

  • HCL ANA simplifies network densification. Acting as a single point for any network radio access network (RAN) vendors, technologies, and multiple domains, the HCL ANA platform automates them all, as if part of a unified single network.

Reduce capex and opex

  • In rapid network automation adjustments, HCL ANA reduces time-to-market of new automation applications and helps customers deploy new services such as 5G or Internet of Things (IoT). HCL ANA allows operators to deliver exceptionally high levels of customer experience.

End-to-end automation solution

  • HCL ANA is an end-to-end automation solution platform and a multi-vendor solution supporting integration into multiple network domains such as the transport and backhaul, the core, and the policy domains. This enables end-to-end service optimization solutions.

Use Cases and Solutions

HCL ANA is a best-of-breed, centralized, vendor-agnostic, highly flexible, and open ANA solution.

It’s a powerful platform that enables machine learning and a set of features that empowers the MNO to automate/optimize the radio access network (RAN).


HCL ANA platform simplifies networks densification by automating the process. Automates the inter working between 4G /5G during 4G/5G densification or rollout.


Managing a multi-vendor environment is costly especially when quality is a concern. Reduce the cost by using HCL ANA multi-vendor platform.


HCL ANA Load Balancing Suite for maximum utilization of the deployed network optimization capacity by better balancing the load across existing cells, rather than investing additional capex to expand the network with new cells.


Unique closed-loop RAN automation and optimization, enriched with crowd-sourced subscriber analytics data derived from CEM sources.


VoLTE suite of HCL ANA modules improves VoLTE performance and reduces costs related to the customer experience.


HCL ANA Energy Saving module allows operators to save opex, reduce carbon footprint and network interference by turning off low-utilized carriers at off-peak hours, resulting in better network performance.

HCL ANA Product

HCL ANA applications

The HCL ANA product portfolio offers dozens of closed-loop automation and optimization applications already optimizing millions of cells worldwide. The leading product in the market supports multiple RAN technologies (2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G) and leading RAN vendors.



HCL SONFlex platform

SONFlex provides open APIs for third party to develop applications on top of the HCL ANA platform. SONFlex facilitates applications to configure the network. It enables hassle-free HCL ANA development, removing the complexities of the underlying vendor equipment and management systems. SONFlex provides a conflict management service, essential for orchestrating HCL ANA applications.


HCL SONFlex At-a-glance

HCL SONFlex open APIs extends the SON automation and optimization capability to its full potential.

HCL SONFlex Datasheet

SONFlex, a future proof solution supporting end to end service automation and optimization needs.

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