HCL ERX offers OEMs a complete modem IP suite for millimeter wave and microwave radios to deliver high-capacity, low-latency products for 5G front-haul and back-haul. In addition, we offer a comprehensive suite of consulting services to integrate our IP into designs as well as flexible licensing models to make development of 5G devices cost effective.

Our modem IP offers cutting-edge technology and unique flexibility to support dual-band (mmWave and microwave) modems on the same FPGA board

  • Dual Carrier E-Band modem with up to 25Gbps bandwidth and < 100μs latency
  • Dual band hybrid (E-band & MW) modem for high reliability and high throughput
  • MW modem with highest spectral efficiency
  • MW modem with highest spectral efficiency - Supports upto 16K QAM
X-Haul 5G ORAN Implementation

Business Benefits

Ready for 5G X-Haul

mmWave Modem for Fronthaul supporting upto 50 Gbps with low latency

Opex Reduction

Opex reduced up to 40%

Shorter Time to Market

Improved time to market through FPGA architecture

Flexible & Cost-Effective

Flexible solution for wireless communication & mobile X-haul RF SoC-based

Key Features

High capacity

25 Gbps Dual carrier, 2GHz CS and XPIC

50 Gbps with 4X4 MIMO


Functions mix-matched to OEM product

Enabling faster Time to Market

Reliable baseline for OEMs to build upon

Low latency

< 100 μs for mmWave Fronthaul

Highly Customizable

Tailored to specific OEMs requirements


HCL X-Haul Whitepaper

Enables Telecom OEMs to deliver high capacity low-latency products for 5G front-haul and back-haul